Spreading the Kindness through Handwritten Letter

Posted by Abhishek Saini
June 22, 2017

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In today’s world of texts, voice message and email, receiving a handwritten letter or card is increasingly rare. And yet we all know the incomparable feeling of opening one up. There is something personal, vulnerable and profound in the act of putting pen to paper, and translating heartfelt thoughts into ink. A letter can communicate things that spoken words, messages or email never could. It is a form of communication that can change lives and further the gospel.

Letters can console the grieving, strengthen the weary, and soften hearts. Letters build relationships. Letters can remind someone you are there. Letters give the gift of time. Letters are personal.

Following this belief, Letter Earthlings is a project designed to spread love, kindness and happiness through hand-written letters. Send a personal message to someone close to you, someone you cherish, someone who’s meant a world to you, someone who needs you. Tell them you are there for them. Tell them a Thank You! Maybe, write a letter of love and encouragement to someone going through a tough time. Maybe, write one to remind someone of how awesome they are. Or even, to show someone that goodness still exists in this beautiful world.

Organized by Those In Need & The Goodwill Tribe, for the very first time in New Delhi, Letter earthlings have already garnered a huge response. Many people have responded with touching messages for someone they love. One of the messages is for a friend, giving her strength and support during a difficult time of juggling a new job and a new marriage, while another message speaks highly of her spouse’s kindness. Messages of thanking one’s mother for all she had done for her kids, messages adoring little sisters, letters urging friends to express themselves, letters appreciating the goodness in others and letters to doting daughters are filling in.

Kindness goes beyond county, religion, gender & caste. The right example is one of the request that we have received, one person wants to send a kindness letter to kids in Syria.

The letter writing circle comes together on this 24th June at the Hearken Café, Shahpur Jat @ 5pm. Go join them, and write some old school snail mail and spread kindness!

Join event page: CLICK HERE

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