Stress common for all..

Posted by Md Usma
June 1, 2017

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Stress common for all…..

Every human from rich to poor,employers to employees to everyone faces a common problem of stress. Almost all suffer from the problem of stress. So we should find the problem of de-stressing. There is no mechanical technique for de-stressing.It can only applied to Robot. First we have to find the first step from where we started feeling stressed. Such as our body need food our intellectual only need ‘food’. When we feel stressed what we are actually experiencing is the intellectual or spiritual starvation. We need to feed our spiritual starvation this can happen only when we know how to extract food from our daily experiences.

Honeybee can be a great example for those who want to feed spiritual starvation. As they demonstrate the method of extracting nectar from flowers. There is a spiritual nectar for the person from the daily experiences. If one analyses about the daily life they can extract the solution of stress just as nectar from the flower.

For example while at work in the office one may feel discriminated. If that person who feel discriminated realise and start analysing about the whole scenario of the office. He may find that he was not descriminated but was rather the deficiency in whatever qualities were required in his office. Rather then feeling discriminated one should work on the deficiency of qualities and make oneself perfect so in future the feeling of discrimination doesn’t come again.

Stress is often caused due to past failures or worrying about the future. The only solution to this kind of situation is to destroy every single pin,which connect you to the past and mentally makeup your mind that you survive in the present.

Worrying about future in every aspect of life is common for every human. Very frequently what one worries about doesn’t become reality so no need to worry beforehand. A student may think he may achieve less mark in his exam and due to tension he may feel sick but when the result came out he passed with a good result. In this case there was nectar for the student he would have waited for the result. Everyone can extract nectar from their daily experiences by realising what is going all around them?and what are the field they are lacking in? and needs to improve to get the solution of stress.

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