student in darkness

Posted by Taqweem Fatima
June 8, 2017

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Things may change,paths may curve to untredded direction..still I remain there,fighting for the same vision,years I’ve been looking with.Struggling with the darkness of the lost vision,with the sinking heart that had been sailing in the ocean of dreams and ambition ever since long.Lament minutes thrown upon me are hard to crash.Morose I sit in that clingy room whose even the smallest particle pushes me jump into thoughts like”what it is now!..what it had been!”
It jilted me like an unfaithful lover who showed up his loyalty,made promises ever since we came together.My dreams broke me up into pieces that cud nvr fix.
Each night lying thwre,facing the shedding just up there,I hope for a better morning.Morningthat cud light up my path in some way may be and each morning I find myself still there the morning light making no help to me,brightness conquered over dullness.
Oh I wish!the night wud have embraced me forever and nvr could I approach the same gloominess in this morning light again.Seriousness,sincerity,sacrifices had led me so high that I cud hardly see..or bttr can’t see.Nvr ,when I just fought in bits and pieces that made me feel leading to an illuminated morrow,had I come up to even fears of what I face now.
So helpless I find myself. How jaunty I had once been,all lost in a terrible storm. Irredeemable this seems to b. Thoughts show up essence of jitter emotions.Steps staggered.Power of speech stumbled down by stammers. Just a thing there inside me goes on working with proper functioning,I guess,with which I cud at least come up of losing,WRITING,the only single way to express a bit.Even in days like such,it works,the POWER OF WRITING. Happy at least for this,hopefully there is something that had not yet left my side.
Lame..still I stand
Blind..still I watch
Dumb ..still I speak
But unfortunately,not deaf..I cud listen cud here people talking ,whispering there in each others joints..better wud it had been if I was a real impairment for this rather than these unrealistic deformities I wrote up before..they wud have provided me strength now.
My victory remains still invisible!
Give me strength,I’m afraid of myself.
Hope this had reached u!
Letter to the Almighty
Yours sincerely

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