How 4 Women In Rural Maharashtra Regained Their Eyesight Through A Student Initiative

The NSS unit of KC College continues to adhere religiously to their motto,“Not me but you”, in their initiative to help society. Driven by the will to bring about change, the unit has ventured into an array of fields and succeeded in making a mark in the respective areas.

Among their diverse range of fruitful projects is that of ‘Vision for All’. With the underlying motive of improving the standard and quality of lives of people in society driving the project, it commenced eight years ago in 2009. The project aims to help the residents of the adopted village of Karvale in Saphale by providing them with the means to mend their vision. More specifically, the project aims at providing cataract affected individuals with operation and treatment. The NSS unit, in collaboration with the Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Centre has been dedicated to providing individuals with clear vision.

This year’s check ups yielded four individuals who had developed cataracts and required medical attention. The number may make the entire task seem mediocre, but that most definitely wasn’t the case. Not only did the volunteers have to seek out the patients and assist them throughout the entire process, but they had a role to play since the beginning. The orthodox environment present in some parts of the village due to a lack of exposure and awareness proved a challenge to the volunteers. Convincing both the patients and their families that the operation would be beneficial ended up being a significant obstacle. However, that did not stop them from trying hard. At last, with perseverance, they managed to convince all the individuals to undergo the operation.

The patients, Savitri Sapte, Laxmi Bogadi, Laxmi Gawad and Shevanti Panera were brought to Mumbai and housed in a high school near the hospital. They were brought to Mumbai on May 30 and were accompanied by four volunteers.

Volunteers were present around the clock to ensure that the patients were comfortable and to aid them in any way possible. On the morning of May 31, the patients were taken to the Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Centre for the operation. After the successful procedure, the patients were escorted back to the dorm where the volunteers attended diligently to their needs. On the morning of June 1, the patients visited the hospital for their check up, and after lunch were taken back to the village by the volunteers.

Initially, it was a difficult task to convince the patients about the need for the surgery but with great perseverance and hard work, we made it successful,” opined Tanvi Khanna, a second year NSS volunteer.

The entire initiative was a grand success. Not only did it help the individuals gain proper vision, but also enhanced and developed the skills and conscience of the volunteers. Although the project was a big hit as a result of the dedication of the volunteers, it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance and expertise of the Bombay City Eye Institue and Research Centre. Without their admirable act of kindness and their will to bring about change in society, this noble task would not have reached its full potential.