Success Mantra

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June 2, 2017

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We are always eager to know in reality what’s success really means.
I tried to throw a little light over it So have a look.

Guys If we simply think about Success.
Then it’s just a Simple word having 3(S) ; 2(C) ; 1(E) ; and 1(U).

But when we go to the deep of this word we can found a way to get Luxury; Money; Happiness; each and everything we want.

Now the question is what should we do to get all these things and achievement ?

Going in simple way we can get answer i.e., the real definition of SUCCESS……
As we know SUCCESS is nothing just a word containing 3(S) ; 2(C) ; 1(E) ; and 1(U) but it’s a major part of our life each and every person want to get this word. But very few of them try to get the deep of Word #Success.

This word motivates you by itself….But how?

Let us know……

The 3S stands for ( your aim)

Surety :- Surety belongs to perfectness ……. You can achieve you goal easily if you are sure that you have capability to earn it. So for being a successful man first you have to be sure which one way should be beneficial for you.
Stability :- This point defines your ambitious nature and concentration over you aim and goal as because you can rule if you run for one goal.
So be stable for one goal never change or drop your goal at any how.
Straight :  Be straight forward never try to roam circular way…Be truth full Never lie to anyone specially to yourself because if you lie yourself you can’t achieve your goal.

The 2C stands for (your surroundings)

Cleverness :- Now a days many people having dual face they always ready to be with you some of them are genuine & some of them are fake. So you have to be clever in that way no one can dare to cheat you.
Clarity :- Clarity is very important. Sometimes fake people from starting pretend that they are genuine. And make such situations which make right person wrong into your eyes and you step back with the right person due to the confusion made by the fake one. In that manner you to make clearance as because one loyal person is more important than the 10 fake one.

The 1E stands for ( Your nature)

Eagerness :- It’s very important to being a successful man. It’s a type hunger. In this world all the living bodies lives just because of their hungry nature. In Same way when your Aim should be full of eager which didn’t let you sleep before achieving it.

The last 1U stand for ( urself )

That’s You because everything you get just because of you and your efforts so believe in yourself you have power to make youpoor or makeyou rich

Conclusion is that getting #Success can be possible when you follow it’s Rule……when you follow the 3(S); 2(C); 1(E); 1(U)……..When you Follow the seven rules mentioned below ;-

  • Surety of your Aim or Goal
  • Have to maintain the Stability
    towards your Aim/Goal
  • Straight forwardness towards Yourself and others
  • Have to gain Cleverness so that no one can make you fool
  • Always have to Make Clarity from relations to any further Matters
  • Never die the Eagerness of success among yourself
  • Be in Urself

Have a successful life My wishes are with you all and one thing always remember never let yourself down for anything.

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