June 22, 2017

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Even These days are the same like those old ones where superstition and it’s preachers were ruling the illiterate ones. Nothing is changed still , we see a Man sitting at the roadside , who is equally eligible like our graduated​ salesmen these days ,to sell their products by their flattering .

This Man is not even literate but can make fool of the literate ones , easily if they just listen him for 5 mins.

When we listen to him , we start forgetting science, we feel that science is not eligible to cure your issues ,but this man with dirty clothes, HAVING Garland on him, carrying rings of different stones ,can cure us by just his touch .

Still It is always beautiful to see India and it’s varities in people. But frightens me that if this goes on like this,then we may not reach at the top in the list of developing countries.

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