Team Pakistan, What Happened?

Posted by Praveen Kumar Rajendran
June 5, 2017

India vs Pakistan matches are always the best. Expectation from both the countries will always be very high. People from both countries, often considered it as Indian vs Pakistan war. Nothing will work in that day. Shops will be empty. All eyes will be in front of the television. It will be a huge crowd in the tea shops with television. It will be a huge traffic problem, as the traffic police even will find a suitable place to watch the match.


I still remember India vs Pakistan series at Pakistan. Indian players outperformed and defeated Pakistan team at their own soil. It was the most exciting moment during the childhood. Team Pakistan, will always give a tough fight when they face India. Because India vs Pakistan matches are always considered as a prestige issue. Most of the hostel TV rooms will be crowded. Wardens will find very difficult to manage the crowd. It will be like a festival. People will be ready with the crackers to burst. Because India had never won a game against Pakistan in very simple manner. Pakistan will always give a tough fight against India and make everyone to bite their nail.

No Nail Biting Finish!

But, it was not same in the recent India-Pakistan match at ICC Champions Trophy. It was an easy win for Team India. Team India outperformed in all the sections of the game. Pakistan terribly failed to give a tough fight to India, which made many people lose their interest in the game. There was no twist and turn in the match. Everything was straight and big. No surprise element in the match. Team Pakistan really disappointed the cricket lovers in India. Everyone had a lot of questions in their mind. Especially, I was thinking

  • Why didn’t Pakistan give India a tough fight?
  • What happened to their team?

After a long thought, I myself figured the reason.

Team Pakistan isn’t stable. They don’t have any senior players and constant players in their team. They don’t play any game in their country. Either they participate in International tournaments or they tour to some other country. Team Pakistan, Cricket board of Pakistan and Government of Pakistan should create an environment to play games on their soil. This will help to build a strong Pakistan team and give tough fights. I hope, Pakistan cricket board will soon realize and things will change.

And I hope, Pakistan will soon give a tough fight to Team India.

Good Luck!