The Delhi Bike Pride

Posted by Abhishek Saini
June 30, 2017

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Breaking stereotypes has always been our aim. A non-judgmental society is all we ask. So, we picked motorcycles as machines that are so strongly associated with a macho-ism and the overt patriarchy that defines society. Often referred to as the beast, we felt why not ride the beast and subtly tell the world around us that yes we can tame that beast.

This Bike Pride is more than what it looks like at the surface. It stands for the fact that there is space for as much LGBTQIA events as we want – if we try to innovate and think beyond the conventional because that’s perhaps what we need. Innovative thinking attracts people – not just the community but the society in general. And as much as we deny, we need their attention.

We want them to know that we exist, that our rights have been compromised and that we are struggling for equality. It is the same society through which the government is formed and the bureaucrats and the judges come out of. Prefix first is attached to harness more attention. Not of the community but majorly of Press. We want to to be heard, to be understood. And that’s why such events -to get the people talking, to start a conversation. This Bike Pride is another platform that could facilitate such positive news eventually.

We started this event with a very modest aim in mind – a dozen bikers, some good message and some more cheer! – Riding for the pride members of the queer community and the allies alike. We never thought we’ll witness such an overwhelming response. We have now registered over 80 riders and counting! We have received support from reputable bikers group like the Bikerni, Women’s International Motorcycle Association, Full Throttle, Bikers Paradise, REBC,  ROB, Parindey, Turbo Xtreme, Youth Riderz Club and United Spartan Bikers, as allies of the queer community. People are coming forward in support of the cause even if they don’t know how to ride. They are coming as volunteers, marshals, organizers and whatnot. Our message has spread far and wide even before the first raise of accelerator.

Our last event Dance for Pride organised by SCRUFF & Those In Need got just as much response. Best part – they have always been up to make it inclusive – just as this event is turning out to be! Here we are – partnering with all kind of organisation representing the diversity of the community! This Bike Pride is an example that there is space for more such innovative activities which can provide better visibility to the community and the struggle, inequality, and injustice. And, helping those in need!

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