The idea of beauty

Posted by chetna sisodia
June 12, 2017

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What is the idea of beauty.
The idea of beauty always defined as fair skin silm body and dark hair.
This is what we heard since childhood which seems to be fair
Little did I know that this idea of beauty will hit me so hard
When on valentine’s day I was sitting alone and my bestfriend got a card
I walk to the mirror and see myself that I was fair by face
But i never noticed that my body was out of shape
When my dark complexion cousin sister was getting rejected again and again
Then only my parents started​ worrying about my weight gain
In the country where on TV they broadcast the advertisment for many fairness creams
In the industry full of fair and slim actress they are crushing many girls dreams
I know time has changed people have changed their mindset have been changed
But the question is the idea of beauty is really changed or still the same?

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