The love for cricket turning Into a war of words

Posted by Somya Sundriyal
June 18, 2017

The recent Champions Trophy is in news these days and the match between India and Pakistan is the most awaited match. Where on one hand India is already celebrating it’s victory, on the other hand Pakistan is preparing itself to give a tough competition to India.

I have seen people cheering for India and being proud of the Indian Cricket team but as a matter of concern a doubt prevails in me whether this is patrotarism or just the love and craziness for cricket! So many posts are shared on social media for Indian Cricket team but I hardly see any for the Indian army at the border , I hardly hear people talking about the situation in Kashmir and Darjeeling at present. Even a five year old knows about the match between Indian and Pakistan because he is told about it and this is being discussed everywhere for anyone to ignore. The reason is that  people take so much of interest in Cricket that nothing else interests them. Cricket is so entertaining that everything else seems to be boring. I see a verbal war happening in the social media.

I so respect the Indian Cricket team not because it is the best team but because of their attitude towards other teams. Even if the opponent team is weak they consider them as the strongest and play with full enthusiasm respecting the other players as well. But it does not end here. As a cricket lover what we do? We end up making funny memes of the other team. Might be possible the other countries do the same but is it really necessary? Can’t we just congratulate the winning team and show some respect for the defeating team ? This will help in maintaining a healthy and friendly relation among the countries. And showing respect for a player may it be any is the responsibility for a cricket lover. Cricket has always been a game of Union of countries but gradually it is leading to a war of words.

People have so much aspirations from their team and favorite player that every player tries his best to win for his country, for the citizens and for himself. Let’s hope and make ourselves aware of the other happenings too and wish team India all the luck and love.