the modernization of poverty

Posted by Ancient Wind
June 9, 2017

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..More than 12000 farmers died in 2014 which is larger than the numbers in 2013 and its keep increasing untill,  there would be no more farmers to know what our prime minister is quite PROMISING, i wrote it in capital because he is so good in doing promises.qmr modi is giving millions of dollers to other countries to fight against poverty and for their developement, i wrote here ‘mr modi’ because its modi sarkar not indian goverment as per their slogan’ anyway that shows mr modi has enough currency to utilise effectively for farmers and in their villages. well lets imagine two things occur mostly in india, flood and drought and another one is unemployement; now you can have a sense what i am about to say yes, india produces thousands of umemployed engineers every year. cant this modi goverment utilises the western technology by giving them few years contract and at the same time hiring fress interns to churn the poor flood system and poor seeding technique into world level, they cant provide 24 hrs light in villages but cant they start a solar panel project in isolated villages to provide at least few hours of electricity at the same time making solar power house in after each five villages and giving job to youths?? Well this goverment have shown us dream of 100 smart city but let me tell you..its city again which would converted into smart city not those damm poor and isolated villages.Rather than begging from other countries at least give remaining 2yrs towards your urban areas mr modi focus on your countries strength rather than depending on others strength.look at china, look at gulf countries they relied on their countries strentgh and let americans come to their country and decorate them, i wont call it end here its just a glimpse…

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