The New Age of Virtualizing Real Food

Posted by Sneha R
June 9, 2017

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We live in the world of digitalisation and it has impacted various aspects of our lives- communication, relationships, shopping, leisure etc. The one market that has been transformed with the rise of technology is the food sector. The trend of going to a restaurant and reconnecting with friends and family members is slowly diminishing. With the advent of smart phones, people aren’t wilful to leave the comfort of their homes; perhaps all they care for is ‘Netflix and Chill’

Gone are the days when it was an aguish to select the right place to eat, the right food to order and actually being satisfied with your meal. These difficulties have only been surpassed with the arrival of food ordering apps. Ordering food online has become a necessity for some and a sheer blessing for many. The various food apps available on smart phones only make it hassle-free to order.

It is extremely convenient for a customer to order food online in Mumbai or anywhere else in India. One can place an order almost anywhere and anytime; while travelling, in the middle of a lecture or even when rushing home from a late-night movie.  Customers don’t even have to keep waiting in long queues to avail a seat in the restaurant. Though the battle isn’t won even after acquiring a seat, the wait for food is altogether another ball game. Here, one can order food online by the few clicks on their phone, and the waiting period can be productively utilised by watching a television show, reading an interesting book or working on an important presentation. It also saves one from the ordeal of getting stuck in a traffic jam in Mumbai, while travelling to their choice of restaurant.

The possibility of a misunderstanding while placing an order over the telephone is high. In comparison an online order is almost error-free but for the factor of human interference in delivery. The food ordered is freshly prepared for an online order which makes the overall experience further enriching. The reviews written by customers makes the restaurateur even more responsible for the services they offer and also gives them a wide scope for improvement, by taking into consideration genuine feedback.

The online menu on a food app lets the customer have unrestricted amount of time to decide on his order, which otherwise would have to be done quite swiftly in a restaurant. The customer can keep tracking the progress of his or her order, which is a valued feature when hunger pangs seem to be uncontrollable and makes one irritable and restless. The food apps also contain ‘real’ photos of the food and it almost resembles the actual appearance of the food delivered. The chances of luring the customers by displaying ‘representational photos’ aren’t completely negated but definitely minimised.

Though the online food ordering concept has made immense progress, and it remains one of the fastest progressing fields; there is still a long way to go.

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