The New Look OnePlus5

Posted by ruchi gupta
June 16, 2017

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The OnePlus 5 launch schedule is scheduled for June 20th and even though we have a fair knowledge of the handset look, the controversy surrounding its design, which is thought to be similar to other devices already on the market, is not dying down.

While it may be fair to draw comparisons with the iPhone 7, it may be a replicated scenario of companies borrowing designs from other market players. Indeed, this is the first compromise of the OnePlus 5 abilities. It is fair for us as clients to complain if the same things without real solutions are presented to us for purchase.

The other issue is its striking resemblance with the Oppo R11, which has bounced back and has the same company trademark and identical design. All the placements including the dual camera placements and 5.5-inch AMOLED display put it to questions, even though the OnePlus 5 has larger memory capacity. The designs also possess the same similarities with regards to the beauty and aesthetics. Even though there is an existing relationship between Oppo and OnePlus, the BBK China Electronics Company could have come up with uniqueness. Even if OnePlus is the Oppo subsidiary, the clients have not been treated fairly with the production of the copy and paste OnePlus 5.  Consequently, the variation may also trouble the existing markets the affiliate companies are currently enjoying in the larger Asia.

The limited variation from the mid-range handset against the $650 priced OnePlus 5 is evident from the major corner cut. As they plan for a significant corner cut, let’s not forget how the OnePlus One resembled the Oppo 7a. Already, their $ 650 price tag is doing rounds. Indeed, OnePlus 5 is just a minor distortion.

The consequent question is whether the utilization of a similar design will devalue or cheapen OnePlus brand. Are the individual clients considering themselves lucky when the brand shares the workload with the bigger Chinese company? Significantly, can this reason discourage other customers from this brand?

On one side, the OPPO R11 may not get released outside the Asian markets, while OnePlus 5 may hit the international markets across Europe and the US. Consequently, will OnePlus 5 be the best option that will not cause controversies over familiar looking Oppo models across the globe?

There is the awkward probability of the OnePlus 5 crossing over to Indian and Chinese markets. The basic idea of OnePlus 5 being a copy and paste design it may cost it its premium status it especially if there is a significant price hike, but again clients may be willing to pay more for the premium look.


After all is said and done, it is up to you to decide whether an all too similar and familiar design is a problem for the OnePlus 5; would you turn up for a unique handset or would you rather go for the OnePlus 5 with very similar effects to the predecessors. As a fellow client, I leave it to you, decide.

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