Posted by aparnabhatia
June 12, 2017

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She wakes up as a confident girl

All ready to conquer the world
Then nervously wears that bold lip shade, thinking..
“Are they going to like? Or hate?”

She looks at herself in the mirror many a times
One moment she finds a queen
The other moment, she isn’t even close to fine.

There are days when she wants to explore the unseen places
But on the other days, she’s too tired to even tie her laces.

She’s mostly surrounded by people as she’s outgoing and expressive
The other days she’s found sitting in a corner, when she gets termed as being depressive.

She has days which are good, days which are bad..
And sometimes, she just has a day
Where she doesn’t really talk, express or feel, she just exists.

Just when she feels like giving up, she is gives it a one last try
And the to celebrate her success, she let’s herself cry

Is she really a paradox?
Or someone fighting a battle?
Some call her a flip,
Some, a patient of anxiety and depression,
While to others, it’s just a phase..
Well I don’t know any of it
To me, she’s just familiar..
I think she’s a lot like me
And a part of you too?

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