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The Progenies of vicious competition.

Posted by saumya bhatia
June 24, 2017

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With the first cut off out,a lot of anxiety and apprehensions has been abated. Yet,the stratospheric eligibility criterion in some of the most sought after courses,underlines one important aspect:DU propagates the concept of rat race ,with a student’s success primarily centered around her/his academic performance.This, imbecile trend to assess a pupil’s capabilities only raises more questions than providing substantial solutions.

Well,in college too,these chaps aren’t spared of any pressure or competition. The quest to top or strive for portmanteau scores remain. The new born culture of getting entangled in some sorts of internship during one’s college life helps provide a platform to burnish one’s skills,yet it can also add unnecessary monotony in one’s life.

Well,here is where my story starts.I have been going work-scouting for over a month,but have failed to realise any internship in my field( for whatsoever factors). At times,I too felt languid,labelling my life as a melancholic form of existence,with sleeping and eating as the only two primary businesses.To utilise my time,I brought books for intellectual and constructive growth,yet the feeling of ‘joblessness’ persisted. And now,when a call to be an intern finally came,I thought I could have chanellised my holidays in a more cherished way.

So folks,am not ostensibly stating that internships are a wastefull idea,yet am only attempting to underline the idea of rat race behind all this chaos. Five years down the lane,the cut offs were wise and pragmatic,and the now mushrooming internship culture was hardly to be traced. Is it that CBSE did not breed intellects earlier or has the competitive mindset rendered everyone gasping for superificial scores or (for that matter,internships)?

Well, the essence of the whole write up is to free yourself,free from the shackles of this cut throat competition. If you haven’t scored a flamboyant number in boards or aren’t tasting the flavour of internships,don’t get disheartened. Don’t let these things dominate your mind and your life. Always remember even if you win this exalted rat race,at the end you will still remain a rat!

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