The Rightism and the force

Posted by Danish Irfan
June 11, 2017

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What extreme society forces can admire is to forcefully play their will. The will of society confined into large sections of force that makes up a forceful declaration of war on the human society for the world to know that their opinion exists and matters at large for the benefit of large section of society. What extreme society stands for is the solution of every social evil according to their stance. Terrorism or incumbent truth, the majority of society is forced to play the right path chosen by the rightist. The major risk of being played on the society like this is the insecurity that creeps in through fear of vandalism and agitation. Ever since the leftism started to raise their voices of concern of how the nationalism of society should be perceived or raised the rights of the workers, the community neglected at large. World has a view that the opinions of large section of society matter.

The advent of fundamentalism and the opinion of nationalism is ravaging the society at large. Directives being issued on how to respect your motherland and worship the nation and its spirit no matter how deteriorating socio political conditions get. Raising a demand for change or questioning authority  is also not a easy walk in the rightist obsessed society. The evil haunts at the door and they deny seeing the dark. Closing eyes to what you not like or find less relevant is the most common approach society perceives. Around the world this phenomenon of popularism and dynamic governance is taking a bigger shape, but just because it seems good doesn’t mean it actually is. Failing to read between the lines and find concrete logic the right wingers go on to renounce their agenda at hand and that is to take the popularistic approach no matter how harmful it may be in present or future. Neglecting the possibility of danger and risks a nation might have to bear as whole the voice of commoners overshadows the deep thinkers and that’s what the society needs to ponder today.

The advent of aggressive nationalism is as harmful as it’s beneficial for igniting patriotism. For every hard stance taken to aggressively proclaim nationalism harms the ideology of a democratic nation of making a choice that protects the integrity of the constitution and handles the situation without opting draconian measures. Undermining the constitution is the most widely used tactic of right wingers. The belief that constitution only protects the integrity of citizens and their beliefs on paper is monstrous and dangerous for a society to progress ahead in future together. Radicalizing the thought of supremacy of beliefs over law is simply a sign of derailment of national prowess and constitutional institutionalism. The institution led by common belief performs best to its capability and in the current scenario these institutions are not constitutional. The strategy of invoking fear in the minds non rightist and haunting them with fear of vandalism and rioting the rightist claim their supremacy over any other ideology and their this force is not less than a bullying nature. The reason to fear from this force is justifying even more when this ideology has creamed in its way into the government institutions and it’s driving the constitution the way it wants.

The high edging need to stand up to this force is ardent in today’s time when the non radical groups are threatened for their lives and choice. The diasporas of society which believes in a nation where citizens have right to question almost anything and anybody and never get questioned of their devotion and love for the nation and its integrity.

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