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The Rise & Relevance Of Contemporary Courses Amalgamated With A Vedic Perspective

Posted by MIT Vedicsciences
June 7, 2017

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India is one of the few countries in the world where there was never a conflict between science and spirituality. Having always been together for eons, spirituality has always been considered as a way of knowledge that has to be approached with logic and experimentation. By reflecting a direct perception of the truth, this practice has also seen light in various other ‘ways of life’ like Buddhism and Jainism.

The universe we are a part of, comprises of multidimensional layers, which till date has been beyond the realms of science and experimentation. Though logic and objectivity can someday define the boundaries of this supergalactic reality, one must not ignore the other forms of approaches that can be used to define this universe. The spiritual approach looks to explore the boundaries that are well outside the reach of the human mind. Through the spiritual approach, one can explore various streams that aim to reveal the secrets of the world we are not aware of. Through ‘Vedic Science’ which juxtaposes science and spirituality, one can aim to gather a sound understanding of the functioning of the universe rather than mere knowledge. With courses like BA Psychology that amalgamates the Vedic perspective with contemporary knowledge, individuals can dive into the ocean of theories and ideologies that are waiting for an explanation.

Vedic literature was meant to be a part of our daily life, without being bound by employment prospects or opportunities. By being the core foundation of the universe, Vedic education, has and can never lose its relevance in our rich culture & heritage. Institutions are now offering courses like the B.Sc Psychology to teach individuals the ideals of truth, liberty, peace, equality and peace which in totality govern the universe. Moral education was a perennial aim of Vedic education. However, there are very few institutions across the globe which offer an in-depth program in Vedic Sciences. Though the inception of Vedic Sciences has been in India, there are not many organization entities that impart Vedic Education. While India seems to be lagging behind in this aspect, there have been numerous educational institutions across the globe that have recognized and implemented Vedic Education among their teaching pedagogies.

Inculcating this forgotten, yet relevant knowledge into the modern educational streams is MIT School of Vedic Sciences, which aims at amalgamating the Vedic knowledge with contemporary streams to shape the individuals into better beings.

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