The Story Behind Those Dark Hazel Eyes.

Posted by Pranjali Pillai
June 12, 2017

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“This is for all the girls out there who are heartbroken but still knows how to be happy even when they are sad and that’s what is important.
Its for those girls whose brave. Even if they are not, they pretends to be brave. They are the ons who don’t do something major in minor things. Their greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. They are the ones who never thought that they doesn’t have enough time. They,  out of all, were the ones who never used time or words carelessly, because they know neither of them can be retrived. They are the one who never believed in wasting their time grieving over past mistakes. Instead, they learn from them and move on! They are the one who have their moment of sun, raising their own victory in their arms knowing that on this day, at that particular hour, they were at their best. They gets her priorities straight. They believed in giving people a second chance, but not third. The one, who live their life with an exclaimation and not with an explaination. They are the one who had firm belief in the face that except life and death matters, nothing is important as it seems in the first place. They were the one who never underestimated their power to change others, or to change themselves. The one, who spend less time worrying whose right and more time deciding what’s right. They are

those one confident girl, who, when facing a difficult task act as through its impossible to fail. The one,who believed in living her life for others to live again!
Yes! She was different. Yes, a bit magical too. And she carries a spark in her ‘Dark Hazel Eyes’ which she spreads all around her with her smile.
She was different. Someone simple, yet stylish. Someone, who loved a little more and laughed a little harder till her stomach aches, someone completely broken but still strong. Someone who always felt lost but also someone who held on. Someone who cried badly last night to sleep but the next morning, someone who didn’t gave up and tried. Someone, not complete but enough. It’s because she learned to be her own hero when things got tough. She was someone who just wanted to be free. Someone who simply wanted to live. She was someone who wasn’t easy but was just a magical chaos within. She’s completely unexplainable. People think she’s the good girl but once you get to know her, you’ll realise she’s everything. She’s smart. She’s crazy. She’a funny. She’s emphathetic. She’s loyal. She’s strong. She’s unstoppable and you’ll never know what she’ll do next. But most of all
She’s a girl with a golden heart!

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