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This is how Indian cinema put vigorous input into promoting *male chauvinism*.

Posted by Anshika Jitendra
June 6, 2017

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Ever since the day one, the contribution of Indian cinema to the wider culture of misogyny and gender violence has been commendable.
They (the Indian cinema) so spectacularly promote and put on put on display insult of modesty, eve teasing, murder and what not?
To cut a long story short, what the Indian cinema loves to demonstrate is *that it is as easy as ABC to impress a girl just by singing songs for her on road, by pushing yourself onto her in a crowded bus (or anywhere), by driving past her with loud music, by throwing flowers on her, by stalking the hell out of her, by smiling at her every now and then and telling her -“ki tumko toh ham apna banake rahenge, dekhna” ya “tum meri ho”.*
But oh wait, they underpin it on the ground of feeling of love that the hero bears for girl. So yeah, maybe that’s okay, nai? Because surprisingly, after an enough and to spare efforts the hero manages to impress the heroine, too.
How and why? In the view of the fact that girls loves to get a sucker punch on their faces with flowers. Lol.
From *haseena maan jayegi* and *dar* to *badrinath ki dulhania* , there’s this one thing which is very much mainstream and that is -hero ka obsession for heroine jo pyaar ke naam pe unko milhi jaata hai. Or isse audience khush bhi hoti hai, kuch ro dete hain or kuch inspire hojaate hain.
We needs to be appreciative towards the makers and actor of DDLJ for teaching all of us how to initiate conversation with a girl.
Talking about gender violence and not counting on two epic work of art will be totally inequitable. Movies like *Jaani Dushman* and *Tum Mere Ho* somehow or other have already set a touchstone.
Remember when Akshay Kumar says – *tumhare jaisi khoobsurat ladki ko dekhkar toh mare hue aadmi kabhi dil dhadak uthe, phir yetoh jeete jaagte NAU JAWAN hain, inka kya haal hoga*.
Oh! such a easy to get along with counsel after all sirf chota sa molestation hitoh tha?
And if by any chance you think that marriage is the foundation of domestic violence, you’re wrong.
Because when we talk about tum mere ho, things are quite contrasting where finally domestic violence ends up in marriage. Since, when you slap a women and forcefully pulls her in the room, guess what? She too will give the nod. Woaahhhh.
However, boys, this is definately not something to seek inspiration from. Many good thing but this.

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