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Those “girls” and I

Posted by Ragini Tirkey
June 1, 2017

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Watching the third episode of The Good Girl Show reminded me of encounters female rivalries dominant in all parts of my college life. Debbie from the show bitches and blogs about Pooja and judges her for being friendly with a guy and calls her ‘desperate’.

Here’s the third episode which highlights how bitchy girls can be:


As normal as I might tell you it must be, little am I able to express the ache in my heart to see people discoursing heavily on faded friendships, fren(emy)ships, jealousies and much more beyond.


Sure we girls are intricately created, with utmost care and perfections, hence upholding a universe within us, 21 year old so powerful and so strong, yet we could just agree on the fact that our grey cells get the best of us in a way that we get largely confined and comforted with a certain sense of alienation towards our “gender-being”-

“Oh look at her flaunting so much skin on social media, must be a slut!”, “Look at her wearing such expensive clothes, what a brat”, “That bitch is wearing red lipstick, what is she trying to prove?” , “Look at her posing with guy friends oh God, can’t even sense her intentions here.”


Also well, I won’t even head to other racists, misogynist, precarious comments that are enough to shatter even Anne Hathaway if she heard them. I am a hundred percent positive that we all must have been on either side of the spectrum, sometimes judging, sometimes being judged.



There’s something inside which speaks to me and says that one cannot move forward in life by putting someone down or by making yourself feel superior to someone by judging them in an act you choose not to do. I feel it takes courage to show your beautiful skin in a society that has always been conservative in its rhetorics of culture and false manifestations of what is right or wrong. Similarly, a girl chooses to wear expensive clothes because she feels that’s the best way to express herself and that is totally alright! If someone chooses to wear a red lipstick, it just shows how bold and fearless they are, that the judgments around her aren’t a cause of issues and of course if a girl is having guy friends, then maybe she is just more comfortable around them than other girls.


I reckon how it’s our behavioral pattern that we are bound to judge and bound to be judged as it’s quite inevitable but let’s live in a delusion that one can only rise above the other when the other is put down. I guess the question comes here into play after all, whether, what’s important for the society, feminism or women empowerment? No matter how much I want to jump up and scream FEMINISM!!!! , my mighty old friend Mr.Brain impulsively sends a reply to my nervous system making me answer that what is important right now is to make women realize that empowerment can only take place once all of us rise together. Success is just a measuring scale to our improvements but it cannot be achieved single-handedly.


So next time while we talk about our ex-best friend, let us just wish the best for her in life, or when we see the perfect girl who we envy, let us just smile and aspire to reach higher standards which we set for ourselves. As in the end of the day, we all need to rise up the ladders and spread our shine in the world.

Let us all empower each other. Together.



Dear Ladies, if you feel insecure, ashamed, targeted, victimized, I know it’ll be hard, but remember that someone out there wants to be you, the girl that you are, so don’t ever change.


By Ragini Tirkey (Hindu College, DU)


Let’s paint ostentatious lives on the canvas of our most humble souls. Aspiring 21-year-old retard.

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