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To every girl who Ever believe in true love

Posted by Fly High
June 29, 2017

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Miss Sharma

If it’s meant to happen, It will and if not then It’ll never.

But, one thing is clear and that is ‘Do not ruin your life in a bad relationship/breakup/one sided love’.

The one who loves you inside out will never see those marks on your face or those stretch marks on your stomach and how messy your thoughts are and how popular or how cool you’re.

One who is in pure love with you, will going to grab your soul not body.

We live in a world, called ‘Fareb’, where beauty and desperation attracts everybody and, we think It’s love and then what happens when that beauty fades, what happens when you live one hell life, you’ve never thought of ?

Fairytale ended ?


This is the time to walk out from your bad relationship. This is the time to break those barriers and to fall again in love all over again.

This is the time to feel beautiful with your curvy or less curvy body.

This is the time to feel special and to dream what you believe in, but. But…

Wait. Do not hurry.

You’re not alone when you got your own back.

True Love will  take some time my dear but It’ll come. Patience !



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