To the Land of Cultural Tradition and Art

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June 22, 2017

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Travelling could be the craziest imagination with greater expectation for most of the younger generation. It could be a long journey with friends, with the loved ones or even alone. Most of it would be with an expectation of experiencing a clear cool climate, different verities of food and tradition, combined with a wide range of art forms mostly traditional. A visit to Kerala mostly known as ‘the god’s own country’ and the land of verities could become everything one expects with a tour. Your expectations of an adventurous tour can be fulfilled by joining your hands with Seasonzindia who provides the Best Kerala Tour Packages available. All in an affordable budget plan.

Kerala is a land of culture and hospitality, which makes it different from other states. Kerala has a unique and diverse culture with the blend of different religious and ethnic groups. In the past, Kerala was ruled by different rulers which have a great influence in the culture of the state. The Dravidian and Aryan influence gave a different texture to the cultural development over years. The ancient Dravidian rules of the god’s own country Kerala had left back a great cultural legacy which is reflected evidently in its tradition and culture, over time with the contact of the neighboring regions and overseas, the culture experienced a blend resulting into the transformation of a mixed culture of great diversity. Keralites are very much into the traditions and culture, which would walk on seas to maintain it. It is a land with an abundance of traditional medicines which is believed to show the magic of Ayurveda. People mainly use homemade remedies in the form of oil, powder or soaps for self-treatments and mostly for protecting their health and skin.


The land is well known for its food varieties, which include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with a wide variety of fishes like Karimeen, red meat and poultry coconut is mostly the main ingredient in almost all the food items in Kerala, coconut cream is used for added essence and to thicken the gravy in most curries.  Kerala with its numerous rivers and backwater channels have developed strong fishing industries which have greatly contributed to different sea and river based dishes. Tapioca and red meat are the best found traditional food which is served in great amount in Kerala. Main dishes are prepared mostly with grains and served with different side dishes made from vegetables, fish, meat or maybe a combination of all. Being in the land of spices Kerala foods are mostly filled with flavors and different spices which add to the taste and texture of the food.

Most parts of Kerala experience a moderate climate throughout the year while there are places like hill stations to the Western Ghats with chilling breezy climate becomes a suitable honeymoon destination and the main tourist spot for people who come in search of natural beauty and pleasure. Seasonzindia with its Attractive Kerala Honeymoon Packages allow the newly wedded couples an easy, tension free and most memorable days in a lifetime. Some of such famous hill stations where you can experience an adventurous stay are Munnar, Ooty, Wayanad, and Thekkady. These are hill stations with mountain railway, which facilitates trekking, boating, and other adventurous sports. The main attractions of hill stations are its chilling climate with the beauty of nature. The rivers, canals, and waterfalls add up to its eternal natural beauty. Idukki, Ponmudi, Nellyampathy, are some other hill stations of Kerala. Most hill stations are covered with tea plantation and industries with different tea products. Tea plantation and production attract tourists in a large amount.

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Kerala is located on the southernmost tip of Kerala, Beaches in Kerala spreads along 550-km of Arabian Sea coastline. In places like Thalassery, Bekal, and Kannur the headland rise above the shore of beaches. Some popular beaches in Kerala are Alappuzha beaches, Bekal, Chavakkad Beach, Cherai Beach, Kappad, Kovalam, Kollam beach and much more that spread along the west. All these beaches are unique in their own ways and reflect a character of its own. Most beaches like Fort Kochi beach are well-known tourist spots.

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Kerala is also a place well known for its backwater channels that run throughout Kuttanad. Kuttanad, Kollam, Kasargod, Thiruvallam, and Kozhikode are some of the main backwater regions in Kerala that are famous for tourism in backwaters. Kerala backwaters are abundant with a unique ecosystem, the fresh water from the river meet the saline sea water from the Arabian Sea. A barrage is built near Thanneermukkom to prevent the salt of the sea water from mixing with the fresh river water. This fresh water is the main source of water used for cultivation purposes. We could see a unique form of life forms along the backwaters like crabs, frogs, mudskippers, water and animals like turtles. A verity of the tree, plants, and shrubs grow alongside the backwaters like Palm trees and various bushy plants. These features make the Kerala backwaters an exceptional beauty.

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The culture and tradition of Kerala are kept alive by the means of various traditional art forms like traditional dance and sports. Some of the traditional dance forms of Kerala include Kathakali which is practiced in Kerala for over 500 years and adopted by many foreign countries. Theyyam, Thullal, Kutiyattam, and Thiruvathirakali, are some other traditional dance forms of Kerala. Thitambu Nritham is a dance form performed by the Namboothiris and rarely by other Brahman communities in Kerala. Margamkali is another dance form performed mostly by the Christian community while Oppanna and Daffmuttu are the traditional dance forms of the Muslim community.

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Kerala is a place with an abundance of hotels and home stays which mainly aim for tourist. There are many budget tourist hotels and home stays available in Kerala. Fort Kochi is such a place with a large no of home stays some of which include heavenly home stay. In places like Munnar, there are luxurious hotels like Panoramic Getaway which provides excellent stay with all available facilities. Kerala could be listed in the best adventurous tourist destination due to these reasons.




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