Posted by Sariya Ali
June 15, 2017

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…and she took a helpless breath with a crystal drop of tear in her eye, may be this was the last bit, but existed. The grieving has now become stationary and stubborn. It could no more be felt or realized and everything seemed just so perfect that even the flaws had their own charm. She lost the pessimistic eye and maybe even the optimistic one too. Does that point exist in everyone’s life when the toes cannot be felt anymore and the skin has no stimulus to the pinch? I wonder about that point of road reached when battling remains the only way even when the person is not ready. Let me explain, the girl I mentioned is no character, but a realization which the observer inside me has seen in today’s youth. To the present day, our lives have become way too occupied with so called ‘larger things’ that small prickly things have lost the significance. Although, larger things are obviously important and that is what makes them ‘large’, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that in the haste of majority the minority has always faced negligence. Inside the writer, there is a constant will to talk about emotions and not just intellect. Inside every heart, there resides a being who wants to share and listen and relax, some people are masters in ignoring that being, and the rest don’t get space to bring that side out. Not feeding it doesn’t kill the side, but makes it the reason of unidentifiable dissatisfaction. At times, it is highly required to just sit and discus not about the future but how does it feel to watch the pouring rain on the green leaves. Sometimes, it is okay to skip an update and talk about the feeling of being loved in an unconditional manner. At some point of time, a round table discussion about financial tensions can wait, and everyone can actually enter the cave of ‘The pursuit of happyness’. Though initially the youth has been discussed, but targeting just one age is unfair because I can surely say that even my grandmother at times do crave to share her loneliness. I came across an old man yesterday, and within 10 minutes he poured his views about society, and the moment I stepped out, I realized how important it is to talk and learn about each other to know about humans at large. No theories and no researches can ever reflect the deeply engraved emotional condition of any men instead the men itself. It is important to talk!

Conversations can do magic. An exchange of a few words over coffee can actually explore a broken soul and let the person know that every broken thing can be fixed, may be not the same ways but differently. A little time dedicated over a walk with someone who remains silent can actually bring out the real words out from the blanket. A small talk with a fighter can actually make it feel proud of its bravery and struggles. Taking out a little time to pass a smile and a thank you to your rickshaw puller might enlighten its day. Just asking the small street kids about how everything at home is, can satisfy them about the fact that someone gives a thought about their lives too. These are small things, which can sow the seeds of assurance of support and care. It is true that no one in this world can lead a life being dependent, everyone has to acquire the ‘larger things’. But in this independent world, it shouldn’t be taken casually that emotional independence can be reached majorly through talking.

While scribbling this piece down, I had a constant joy of being able to put together the colors of my expressive side. Don’t hesitate, it just takes a step to break the fear down and the wall of ‘no-feeling’ can be rebuilt with the creepers of sharing and where the flowers of expressive communication would bloom.



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