Ugly Vs beautiful

Posted by Mayur Kumar
June 17, 2017

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I don’t know why but I don’t find anyone ugly as many people categorize others on how do they look. They call some girls very beautiful and others just average or ugly. I feel all are beautiful it’s just one is different from the other. Their personality, their actions, things they do make them ugly or beautiful not their appearance. We all are beautiful by our appearance. Bud sadly not everyone thinks like this. People start judging other because of their appearances. Who has decided that fair skin, colored eyes, well built or a certain type of face would be considered as beautiful whereas dark complexion, improper teeth, fat, skinny, short etc would be considered as ugly. Only humans have decided and that’s what we are teaching to your kids, so they become the same and think same. No god of any religion has told anything about beauty so how can we decide who is beautiful by looks? Only the deeds they do, their personality can make them ugly or beautiful. A person with good looks killing, raping others is not beautiful to me. But even a fat or skinny average looking (according to people) who is helping others is beautiful to me. Not only that, this thing has gone so worse that people insult each other in real life and tv, comedy shows as well by commenting on their appearances. I don’t know where we are heading to, We shouldn’t entertain such people and condemn such tv shows where people insult others on their appearances. For example Whatever Kapil Sharma ( a comedian) says, people go like “hahahah, lmao, rofl” without even realizing how lame he’s talking. I had never thought that people’s sense of humor can be so low that they can laugh on anything just because so called king of comedy has said it. Sometimes it is hard for me to decide who is more lame he or the people laughing. Making fun of someone’s appearance is not funny. Calling someone fat is not funny, calling someone skinny is not funny, calling someone black is not funny. If someone is fat, they make fun of it. If someone is skinny, they make fun of it. A person with dark complexion and Siddhu calling him “Andhera” is racism not funny. Someone having piercing on eyebrow or belly and kapil asking “mujhe samaj nahi aata ki log kyu karte hai yeh? kya kuch bahar aa rha tha jo tala laga dia”? STOP MAKING FUN OF HOW PEOPLE LOOK LIKE. FAT, SKINNY, BLACK, STOP IT. NO ONE IS UGLY. You have no right to make fun of someone’s appearance. You  cannot make fun of anyone by calling them fat or black or ugly and telling them how do they not deserve to talk to a celebrity because of their appearance. People stop laughing at everything when there’s nothing to laugh. We must think before we laugh at anything

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