Unsafe streets of Capital

Posted by Rohini Yadav
June 3, 2017

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There is no chance of welfare of the world unless the condition of women is inproved.It is not possible for a bird to fly on one wing” – Swami Vivekanand


Hello everyone.I am Rohini.I am going to discuss something related to women safety.You should read this post not because it is unique but because it is very common.It is the the problem of millions of Indian girls.It is the problem faced by  our sisters, mothers and daughters.It is the Women Safety. 

Today, I am not the first person speaking for Women Safety and security but I am one of those millions. We all are very much aware of the fact that nowadays, Rapes & Molestations are mushrooming like anything .This is not only a problem in our country but it is a nightmare for girls in many countries.But, here I will talk about our very famous Capital Delhi.

According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data of 2014,  Delhi had the highest no. of rapes reported.And , it is still continuing the trend.Hence,Undoubtedly, Delhi is the most usafe city in India.Despite being the capital city Delhi haunts its girls & women.Staying or even travelling in Delhi is nothing less than a dreadful nightmare.It gives me goosebumps when I think about Dec 16 incident.And and it did not stop here.Many more incidents took place after the Nirbhaya incident.Now, the question which arises here is that what steps have the police , government and administration taken so far?

 When we ask them they show us the records and the efforts made by them to ensure greater women safety .But, what will we do with the records, when we can’t see any visible changes or steps taken. Everyday lakhs of women travel in Delhi metro.Are they safe? Many among them are college- goers.Are they safe? They have to up-down daily.Are they safe? If not, Why the heck are they not safe? We are living in 21st century with an unfinished business of woman security.When are we going to complete it?

I am a college goer.I know what it is to travel in Delhi.Girls feel so unsafe that they have to think thrice before stepping out.We can’t live peacefully.We can’t travel by a rickshaw because what if he  tried to rape us? We can’t travel by cabs because even thinking about it gives me nightmare.We can’t even travel by hyped metro because those uncivilized men do not let us stand peacefully while waiting for the only women section.Despite seeing the warning they come & stand in the women’s section. And, if some girl dared to stand in the General section then god save her.Those sweaty men stare at her as if they never saw a girl before. Try to touch her and then pretend that it just happened accidently. And also, For your kind informational we girls can’t wear skirts or cold shoulder tops or jeans or crop tops or suit and salwar or saree.A big no to all of these.So, what are we supposed to wear Mr.?

College goers have to struggle with saftey and security daily.From their homes to the colleges it’s not an admirable journey.We have to carry pepper sprays in our bags for emergency situations.I ask what has happened to the world? Man has become wicked.

Rapes in Delhi are increasing everyday.If you don’t know I tell you that it is the place where the government sits.But, still it’s unsafe.

So many streets are dark in the night.Where are the streetlights? So many auto rickshaw wallas do not stop at night when they see a girl.Are we aliens who will kill them?

  • Unknown people stalk us.Why? We didn’t invite them.They stare.Why? We didn’t consent them.They rape us.Why?We are not public properties. Nobody has any right to do anything with our body.They can’t touch us.No.We hate when men make us feel uncomfortable while we try to walk, sit or stand in metro.Please.We will wear anything we wish to.Goddamn you are nobody to restrict us. DELHI A BUZZING METROPOLITAN IS changing in a buzzing Rape centre. Stop it before it’s too late. Do something. Wake up. Women should feel safe.


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