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Virtual War ~ Are we ready ?

Posted by Vismit Rakhecha (DRUK)
June 27, 2017

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What is war ?

Acc to wiki : “a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country.

Some instance :

  • Country A against Country B
  • India / Pakistan
  • US / Iraq
  • Husband / Wife (Ha Ha Ha…)

But that is not war…..That was “WAR”. The definition of war is changed. Now the war is like ~

  • Drone Attack
  • Defacement of websites
  • Malware attack of power grids

Min contact Max destruction

What is Cyber War ?

What we are seeing is not cyber war but an increasing use of war-like tactics and that is what is confusing us. We don’t have good definitions of what cyber war is, what it looks like and how to fight it.

–Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Officer for BT

                           Now have a look on battle ground

             Old Battleground            vs.          Cyber Battleground

Battleground                                                             IP Networks

Battle Strategy                                                          Implant Intrusions

Spy                                                                              Spyware, Malware

Spy                                                                              Phishing

Ammunition                                                             Virus, Trojans, Ransomeware

Artillery                                                                     Botnets/Zombies/Root-kits


  • DDOS
  • Power Shutdown
  • Affects Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Transport, Satellite Malware
  • Theft of Data
  • Disrupt Railway network
  • Website Defacement
  • E-learning jihadis and terrorists

Some statics

  • Pentagon Five-Year Cyber security Plan Seeks $23 Billion
  • The Iranian government has reportedly invested $ 1 billion to develop and build out its own cyber war capabilities
  • Estonia is the most cyber aware nation provides free education to students in Cyber Security undergrad/post-grad programs + free net….

Now Let’s talk about INDIA

OUR Strength

  • IT Act 2000 and 2008
  • National Cyber Security Policy
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • CERT, NTRO and 60+ organizations and agencies

Now Reality

  • Budget =  ?
  • Capability =  ?
  • Capacity =  ?
  • Organization = ?
  • Future Plan = ?
  • Cyber Security Strategy = ?
  • After Pokhran II test in 1998, – Hackers called ’Milworm’ broke into BARC site and posted anti Indian and anti-nuclear messages.
  • New report from McAfee reveals that India has the lowest rate of security measure adoption, and it tops the charts for malicious traffic in Asia.
  • According to Cisco, India needs at least 4 lakh cyber security experts.
  • The government organisation’s in India have seen an increased by 136% in terms of cyber attacks and threats.

We are not prepared for any Cyber War.

Fighting the Cyber War –  

  • Cyber Counter Intelligence
  • Need for Central Nodal Agency
  • Right Security Solution
  • Security Awareness
  • Stop Ignoring


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