Voice of innocent victim

Posted by ALLAHmohammad
June 26, 2017

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Voice of innocent victim


Assalam alecum India


Again ,I am here with some serious point and we should have got to think over it ” where are India goes either on the way of success or majorities or cirrupt govt. Beaurocrates puches where” either on the development or on the way of where fundamental rights is only for majorities of societies

Either where equalities exist for expressing of expression or only reserve for specific communities of society , either only govt. Will decide our food items or everyone has own rights , either only minorities will decide at what time we will celebrate or everyone has right to celebrate.

either only specific organization will decide which sports team , your favarate or everyone has right to choice


Actually before few days , I did hear some IPC section like 120 B stand for criminal conspiracy , 124A stand for sedation , 153B stand for communal dishormony and disturb public peace, as usual on common source digital or print media.

But when , I felt deeply , I was Wander that our Indian police system has become out of mind or under pressure to do it , means , our iintelligible police system has failed to find out or recognise , difference between sedation or petriotism , criminal conspiracy or celebration , and criminal or enjoying boys. without any proof they charges these these extrimly dangerous IPC section for ruining his life,and I am sure after 5 to 10 year court will declear they all are innocent. Then who will be responsible for his ruined time


But ,when I saw action police system on this inncedent , then I feel bad on hipocracy of our police, a 16 year old boy thrown and stab by mob from running train because some people think , they have beef and they wear on Islamic cap or has beard , in straight forward word , he was muslim , and there is no arrest and there is deadly IPC section imposed on that violent mob , why because they are nonmuslim


Believe me , this opinion is too dengerous for our nation India and plz, don’t ask to us to show pertriotic certificate , and remember , our nation’s future blank until , Muslim will not participate on decision for nation


At last , eid Mubarak , enjoy fullest




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