We live in a Country where cows are more safe than women.

Posted by Shubham Kakra
June 21, 2017

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Soo it is about today, I was at DLF mega mall Gurugram there was a guy brutally beating a girl in front of KFC, when I saw this me and my friend ran to save the girl when that guy saw us he ran away from there, those girls were horrified. We asked them to call the cops but they refused it. There was a guard standing there doing his parking duty, he didn’t react at all when we asked him what he was doing he said it is not his duty he said “agar hum ye sab dekhnge to yaha pe gadiyo ko kaun dekhega, ye humara kam nahi hai bhaiya” we were really shocked and we wanted to beat him hard for this.

Firstly, no one gives you the right to touch someone and harass them mentally, physically or emotionally it doesn’t matter whatever the reason is you cannot touch anyone.
Secondly, if you are appointed for the security purpose its your responsibility to take care of the situation yes it is your duty to fucking respond in any situation. You are getting payed for securing the mall as well as people coming there.

The situation is getting worse day by day every day there is a news of someone getting raped in Delhi NCR. Yesterday a woman got raped in Gurugram and she was found in Greater Noida she was raped for 8 hours police on duty was sleeping in the pcr van.
We are more worried about the cows, caste, temples, mosques, religion, colors and reproduction system of our national bird. Our system is of no use and it is getting worse day by day, no one cares about all we care about is what Modi and Yogi aditiynath are doing. No one cares about the women’s safety we rape them we kill them, media will show it in their news hour and then our PM will go for a foreign visit and we all forget this and again someone gets raped and the cycle continues. No wonder why Delhi NCR is the capital of rape. I am still not able to decide that whether we are tolerant or intolerant.
We have to decide who is more important for this nation cows or women.


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