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We want quick judgement, with proper frisk-neet 2017

Posted by Atul Singh
June 12, 2017

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I can retain neither respect nor affection for government which has been moving from wrong to wrong in order to defend its immorality.

Mahatama Gandhi

Since the day we given exam of India’s one of the toughest exam, we got to know that exam has been leaked in some part of country and difficulty level was different in other languages besides English. First of all, I know its not a cakewalk to make this kind of exam  happen with hundred percent accuracy which happens all over the country in just one day where near about 10,000,00 students will give the exam. But its not impossible too, we can make it happen sure. Frisking procedure of this exam is worst then the frisking at airport. I mean, If you can frisk a student, in a so rude manner, then I think you should have precisely towards others things too.  You can use sumptuous people and inject them in this herculean task.

Today the Supreme Court of India asked CBSE to declare results of exam, whenever you want to release it. Atleast, Sometime things are beyond our head, sometimes the judgement seems like baseless, means you took just one day, and I’m putting allegations against Supreme Court of India, but on some things you guys take a lot of time, means in bulk manner, and at the same, you are taking judgement, like you are busy in a business. Some are very glad with the decision, and some are not too, but there is no one here, to please anyone.

So, We are living in 21st century, in a country which is told us that it is one of the world’s best country in any kind of. But when you got to know, that the exam that will produce one of most necessary gentleman’s of this country, yes I am talking about Doctors. It’s a shameful incident, as a nationalist, I am feeling shame, if i’ll talk about this to anyone, it would be like you are calling yourself a great upcoming nation, but you are not even that capable to take charge for making the exam happen. We don’t know what actually happened, because no one knows the truth, neither our judiciary system able to find out what exactly happened. So It will be unfair if I call Exam officials were not good at that day, and I cant call Judiciary System unfair too, because they are doing good with their level too. But point is that why the things getting delayed.

So the result can come anytime, don’t know, the fair result will come or not, but we have to surrender in front of Judgement. Because we all know they are unbiased, so the result will unbiased too, we are hoping that. Then from where the speculations came, that’s main question arises in everyone’s brain Because there is very famous quote, Where there is smoke, there is fire.

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