What exactly has changed?

Posted by Nikhil Bhardwaj
June 3, 2017

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I0-14 delinquent crooks assaulting, groping, and molesting a girl. You would have seen a video surfacing in which a girl is being assaulted after repeated protests by her and her friend.

Now I won’t take even a sec to think that they are the rapists. But the question is who gives birth to these rapists? Of course their shameless and corrupt parents who never teach their horribly-gone-wrong kids the basics of decency.

And we? We provide shelter to these rapists.

Here is the explanation –

Do you ever question and warn your friends to never abuse? I mean look at this. You are the one at fault if you are friends with people who abuse. Or, do you abuse to look cool? How is making people the incestuous lovers of their mothers and sisters not morally and ethically wrong and downright?

How can you make someone commit fornication with their mothers and sisters?

And how doesn’t it give birth to a wrongdoer? Become an advocate for this and get ready to be bashed in a fiercest manner.

And I can tell you these are the same people who inherit this shabby and despicable behaviour from their parents and…and… pass this on to the next generations.

So who is at fault? We, as a society. We provide shelter to these rapists.

Who were those molesters? They were the one no one questioned and beat when they eve-teased a girl publicly. So the chances are they thought they would get away this time as well.

But, do you warn your friend when he does the same? Do you warn your friend when he stares at a girl’s derriere and letches at breasts?

Please tell me how you’re not an advocate of eve-teasing and rape? So you are the one at fault. Why doesn’t someone beat people like you? You deserve this. Trust me on that. You and your friend (who has the potential to rape someone), deserve to be locked up behind the bars and beaten continuously with a hard stick.

Because it’s so simple to understand that acts like this stem potential rapists. Acts like this stem criminals. Acts like this stem a bad generation. Turning a blind eye to such crimes stems wrongdoers.

So again, who is at fault? We, as a society.

The point is, why can’t we fight against this?

Regiment people around you. Warn your friends who abuse. Warn them if they ever eve-tease. Call police if necessary but don’t let this escalate. Kids whistling and humming songs on seeing girls should be beaten badly. Parents are highly responsible for this.

Well, I am astonished. Remember the night of 2012. Articles were written. Debates on crimes against women on Newshour and Primetime boosted the TRP. People had marched with placards in their hands. Candle-light protests.

That was 2012.

This is 2017.

What exactly has changed?

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