What is Islamic is to be Abondoned.

Posted by Esmail Sk
June 8, 2017

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It has become a liberal ideology to criticize Islam. Of course Islam is open to criticism, as Soyinka said, “the greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism”. I also acknowledge that Islam to some extent is panoptical religion. Generally every sphere of life is to checked by Islamism. Yet it gives people liberty to think freely though forbids to doubt the existence of God.
Sorry, I’m diverting. The acceptance of Islam throughout the world is evident enough. Not only Islam has become synonymous with terrorism but also with savage, illiterate and blind. Naturally no principle of Islam people accepts as effective. For example, the most debated and contested issue in India , triple talaq. It’s obvious that triple talaq is in men’s favour. Naturally in feminist criticism it’s not only Patriarchal but misogynistic too. But if we really research on Triple talaq, we must find out that it is one of the most sophisticated way to secure marriage, to stabilise marriage. To pass three menstrual cycles for separation is a long time for reconciliation if the couple need. Three months many times balm their agony and reunite them.
Sorry, I’m again diverting. But just like the aversion against triple talaq though it is invented to form a stable society out of chaos or what Hobbes called State of Nature. Similar experience I’ve during my hostel life. In the urinal pan the water pipe is generally attached into with. But we, the Muslim students detached the pipe from pan and used to wash our penis after urinating. Recently a plumber came to repair some leaks. One of my hostel mates urged him to insert the pipe into the pan as before. I asked, “what’s the need? The current system is more usable, we can wash both penis and pan at a time”. “You are like all fundamentalist”, said my friend, “what’s the need to wash penis every time after urinating”. “Nothing, I replied smiling, “just as we wash our anus after latrine”. He with anger, “don’t impose your religion on us, we don’t wash penis, we only wash anus because stool is dirty.” I couldn’t but laugh, “to was penis isn’t religion, my brother, it’s a way to stay clean. And urine is as dirty as stool, both should be washed.” But he seemed to be irresistible, he couldn’t move from his resistance, naturally we didn’t go further and the plumber reinserted the pipe into the pan. But my friend didn’t stop crying, “ if it isn’t ordered in Islam, no Muslim would do it, if we (Hindu) follow it, we become ‘savage’ too”.

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