What is this thing called LOVE?

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June 2, 2017

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“What is love? “, asked Ria casually to one of her friends. Her friend Sheena, being a chirpy and a jubilant chap instantly started squabbling stuff she had seen in movies, read in novels, had been fed by her cheesy worshippers etc. etc. But none of it could really get into Ria’s intellectual head. She couldn’t connect with any of it. So she gave up the hope of finding her one true love/ her soul mate who would one day come on a white horse and sweep her off her feet.

Months passed… Years passed…

Now Ria has started a new job(her first). She is excited to finally get a chance to earn a name for herself, be someone everyone can look up to, be her own Superhero !!

Ria had always been a topper in studies. Books were her only solace, her medicine to deal with the blows of life. She was happy. Everything was going as per plan, she was given the kind of work she secretly desired, she had a lot of new friends to take care of her, she had a new city to explore, to wander.

One fine day, Ria was busy in her work when Rohit walked in and everyone in the cubicle was bursting with laughter within seconds of his passing snide comments at something. Ria looked up, gave a fake work smile and continued doing her work. It was the next day, Ria had texted Rohit for some errand. Typically, it was very difficult for Ria to chat with anyone, to find someone who could anticipate her replies or even engage her remotely in non-boring conversations. It was a myth.

But Rohit was a sorcerer, not only did he manage to crack her up with his wit, he found the path to her heart, he found the key to a treasure that was lost in the deep sea. It baffled Ria. She wasn’t prepared for such conundrum. It was a topsy-turvy ride for her, she knew it was danger yet she could do nothing about it.

Now, Sheena asked Ria the same question Ria had asked 10 years ago, “What is love?”

Ria blushed a little before saying,”Love is an incantation. It has no logic. It is the best and it is the worst. But it is all you have got. It is all you could ever ask for. It is not always the goody goody stuff, sometimes it is bearing pain for the other person. Being strong when the other person is weak, letting the other person pick up your fallen pieces and assemble you, it all comes as a part of the package. Love is cooking his favorite dishes and burning them accidentally. Love is constantly seeking the other person. It is not a boundation. It is that unique chain that frees you off all your burdens.

It is like an unbreakable vow. If you break it, you die”

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