What we have not seen

Posted by Mir Ikhlaq
June 21, 2017

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”Independence is just a day away ,as we will soon finish of the Mughals from kashmir”.

‌These are the words of Yaqub shah to his elated army after the first guerilla attack by Mughals .Unfortunately that tomorrow never came and 429  years have passed since that fateful attack,Kashmir’s are still fighting for their independence just like Yaqub shah chak.

‌The Mughals were succeeded by Afghans,Sikhs,Dogras and the Indians but the people of kashmir have never given up the struggle which their freedom loving sultan had started centuries ago for the freedom of Kashmir. In one form or other kashmir has been on the warfront since the last 429  years. The atrocities faced by Kashmir’s under different reigns on different occasions became a routine in the life of Kashmir’s.

‌With the passing of time ,the reign of these guerrillas one after other declined but after 1947 the history of Kashmir changed dramatically, the Paradise on earth turned hell for its people.

‌In this current Indian occupation,the people of Kashmir have gone through the situation that can easily said to be a cruel summary of all the methods of suppression used in all foreign rules in the history of kashmir occupation. This military occupation has unnerved the aspirations of kashmiri people.

History dates back the Guerrilla attack on Kashmir and subsequently Shiekh Abdullah ,s helping hand offer to Jawharlal Nehru proved a leap in the dark. This was ill fated day in kashmir which shut the dreams of kashmiri people who are still cursing their fate.

For a common man understanding kashmir issue is onerous.One has to go through the pages of history to understand the essence of lingering Kashmir dispute. Providing the same here in few lines will not justify the amplitude of cause.But one may not forget the atrocities ,brutalities faced by them under the military occupationof india.Under the canopy of Military might , there are incidents that are coming and always triggering the mind and soul of kashmirs , stabbing their heart’s so deep and wailing their conscious in unrest.

I too have witnessed this, not much as our elder ones ,as every kashmiri have witnessed .A kashmiri may always be asking a  question to himself or to these collaborators ,why this is here and not there( means rest of the world).He /she may always be thinking and meditating these questions sometimes awake and sometimes in dreams.

1.Why in my land , there is check’s and chain’s everywhere.

2.Why an Indian soldier asks me to raise hands and checks my identity whenever i travel in my own motherland.

3.Why here are crackdowns, nocturnal raids, beating inmates and reign of terror everywhere.

4.Why in kashmir , village got a name village of widows, woman as half widows with still a ray of hope that their husband’s will return which is almost impossible.

5.Why after every kilometer there is an army camp where there should have been a school,Hospital that will  serve long term benefits.

6.Who were Ikhwans that killed thousands of innocents without provocation.

7.Why here a person is killed, maimed, harassed and booked under draconian laws upon raising her voice.

8.Why here a parent console’s her child by knocking windowpanes of her home indicating indian army  is there.

9.Why here children are playing military vs militant games instead of video games.

10.Why Maqbool Lone, Afzal guru, Burhan wani are idol’s for kashmiri chidren and every kid dreams to be like them.

11.Why here is a mending wall that have separated mother from son , husband from wife, sister from brother and vice versa .( means border that have separated families here).

12.Why here thouands of people have been matyred and for what cause.

All these fact’s does not merely provide a pseudo impression but it highlights the trauma,atrocities, depression, unrest and more intensely the psychological illness Kashmir’s have witnessed under the veil of indian occupation.In spite of all these hardships , kashmiri people are still of a hope that one day our fate will also change but it always seemed   a hollow prospect .

History and facts are on one side and people’s sacrifices and sentiments are one other.The reality is crystal clear which everybody knows but the People with tag ”Might is Right” and state collaborators on other side with their own nefarious designs and modus operandi are acting with irrational opinions and subjectives on other side.

But how long these collaborator’s will succeed in undermining the self confidence of the people and by giving the past and present happenings and tragedies a communal air.The point to really ponder upon is how long this bloodshed will continue in kashmir, how long people will live under the reign of terror , how long these draconian laws will continue to operate in kashmir.

The biggest question that arises here is who is the cause for this whole melodrama .The answer is more simple which even an ordinary man knows, India and Pakistan the two nuclear powers in which the ill fated Kashmir is sandwiched.Whatever is happening and whatever have happened between these two countries since partition  be it wars, crossborder shelling infiltrations,ceasefire violations , the victim has been kashmir.The agreements like Shimla, Tashkan and UN resolutions bears testimony to the Kashmir dispute .

It is now for the whole world to take a stand and persuade India and Pakistan fora dialogue to settle this lingering issue .The time has come for both center and state mongers to set aside their political aspirations and start thinking through humanity prism to allow kashmir their right of self determination. It will not only garner peace and harmony between these two countries but will also add stability to whole south Asia.After all the world is one and we all live in this planet as one  with a common sky above, the earth beneath our feet ,the glaring sun , the pleasant moon and the twinkling stars , bordeing with huge mountains.We all are humans and our identity is humanity.We Kashmir’s want live like the rest of the world because we also have the right to enjoy the fundamental rights like Right to life, freedom of speech and expression and lot more.

Now I conclude with a saying that

”I too dream of a kashmir where we also will be able to live as we wish to live”, the dream of Paradise kashmir free of chains , where there will no barbarism, free of atrocities, where only Love will flow,,.









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