When did we forsake humanity in the name of patriotism

Posted by Avirup Chatterjee
June 9, 2017

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As a kid I was always taught to love my country by my parents, school and everyone around me. Even when I was just 6 years old though I didn’t know most of the words I sang our National anthem with pride. To me soldiers were superheroes and the nation was an ideal. As I grew up I saw a grim side of this reality.

Patriotism is a special feeling, one which cannot be explained but the patriotism we are so proud of has become more and more toxic over the years. I, as a citizen of India was once proud to be of a country like India. It was a democracy where the opinions of people mattered, we could exercise our rights without fear and our public servants helped and protected is. Now this seems like a fairytale to me.

A rise in far right wing activity and the government’s general lack of concern has seen our country go down in depths like never before. People are deprived of their basic rights, lynched by mobs for doing something others disagree with, people are even being harassed and beaten up for being from a certain caste or religion. We don’t even have a choice in the language we speak or the food we eat. The government and right wing sects are snatching that away from us too. So is this the democracy we are so proud of ? So is this the direction our country is heading towards?

Violent individuals are beating up innocent civilians just because we disagree with them and the same police which is supposed to protect us is encouraging such activities. Our law system is teeming with corrupt officials and again the same judicial system that should protect us against our government’s folly, is penalizing us.

How our great nation has fallen. Do we think our fore fathers, our freedom fighters want to see our country in such state? Do we think our soldiers who fight for our country want to see our country in such state? Do we ACTUALLY believe that we’d be a super power by 2020 by having such a mentality?

Dear India millions of people, common people, like me are scared of you?

Scared of being ourselves in the fear of being lynched?

Scared to exercise my right of speech, scared to disagree with the government’s policies, hell I am even scared to write this article.

Dear India you have failed us. You have become just like the British oppressive, rude, uncaring and violent. Thinking about yourselves instead of your citizens.

Dear India now you expect us to follow you blindly, to DISCIPLINE anyone who’s values you don’t agree with, to keep quiet and suffer, to follow you down this path of self abuse and self destruction.

Sorry India but I REFUSE to do so but before I stop let me ask you just one question –


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