“be the Change”

Posted by Amrit Heera
June 20, 2017

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Achievements.. When u achieve something it feels so damn good right weather it is a medal or a girlfriend we all want to be great but in struggling towards greatness and success we suffer but sometimes that suffering breaks us from inside even we’d try to get up sometimes we cannot.. Changing ourselves everyday and forgetting our true self each day

I believe there’s hidden story inside of us which is waiting to be told, we all carry dark pain inside of our heart and brain. That pain cuts our wings and breaks our strength and makes us weak and lost. It’s a beautiful life we heard but how to live when we feel like we’re nothing. So let’s write your pain which is hurting you kill that thing till it won’t matters to you. Your beautiful no doubt in that but don’t wait for others to say that to you,  say this to your own self every day. The world  don’t need more great leaders or warrior’s we already have that all we need a person who’s may not be the strongest or the bravest but honest(cuz thats what we’re lacking off) Who appreciates others feelings, who understand and at least have humanity inside his heart. He(the person)  may be weak or not good looking but also not like the crowd,  a person who’s unique or may be weird but that’s okay Cuz who isn’t? A person who’s nothing but still everything.


By Amrit Heera

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