Why Congress is most Corrupt??

Posted by thakur_nikhil07
June 18, 2017

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  1. Since Congress ruled most of the time after the independence of our country. There was a big monopoly of congress party in politics. So congress leaders become fearless and thought that they will not get any punishment for corruption.
  2. Opposition has been weaker most of the time when congress was in rule.
  3. Congress never think to do politics over development issue. They always try to highlight religion, cast, reservation etc instead of issue which India is facing for decays like water,electricity, industrialization,roads, education, jobs etc. They do this because they always wanted to take away the Indian public from the development issue and get people involved in Unnecessary topics.
  4. Few congress leaders have been very nice in the party but the domination of Gandhi family is always keep them aside.
  5. Congress party doesn’t have the strict discipline among it’s leaders and workers. We hardly listen that some congress leader is banned from the congress party. They never take the strong action to their corrupt leaders for doing the corruption.

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