Why do married women put vermillion powder in their hair parting???

June 9, 2017

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Cultural Shit: It is our age old tradition to magically increase husband’s life expectancy at marriage. But my question is, why do married men not wish to participate in this magical affair?

Scientific Shit: Vermillion is prepared by mixing turmeric, lime and the metal mercury which controls blood pressure and activates sexual drive. Wow! Such an inexpensive way to medicinal wonders. O dear Men, please apply so, and you may cut costs on those tablets and Viagra.

Spiritual Shit: The powder should be applied extending right upto the pituitary gland and this will act as a prompt button and open your ‘Crown’ chakra.. HaHaHa.. with six chakras blocked down the line. FYI, ‘Crown’ chakra is purple in colour , not red. Red is ‘Root’ chakra’s colour. Colourman! Colourman! Which colour do you choose? Purple sindoor or red sindoor?

Weirdo Shit: When we own something which can be as simple as a brand new copy, we had always been quite prompt in inking our name on its cover and silently declaring it to be our possession. And here men are inking their women’s hair parting with ‘turmeric-lime-mercuric’ red ink to declare that “She is taken” or “She is a petty property like that copy” or .. .. .. .. ..

P.S. Now its one’s choice whether to put on that chastity belt and be vermillion inked or be inked as a ‘badass weirdo’ .

P.S.S. Sindoor mainly uses vermilion which is made up of mercury sulfide ( chiefly toxic orange-red pigment).


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