June 7, 2017

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Hello Everyone, It’s my first Post on YKA and it is about one of the Ad Promo that is been shown on the TV all over  the country. I am talking about the Airtel Ad; having few very cute kids in the promo. So, while India VS Pakistan CT Match, I watched an AD of Airtel, As we all know, They are king in making good Ad Promos for their company. But their recent ad having few very cute kids made me think a lot about the content that where as a society are we heading to. In the Ad, Someone from back ask the girl kid “what do you want in your mobile?”… The kid could have said any imaginary thing as per their age but the girl kid said she wants a “BODYGUARD”. so that when someone teases any girl; The Bodyguard will be their to save her. You know what came to my mind the moment I saw that ad for the very first time “Heinnn…. Ye kya bakchodi hai, Sirf Cute Ad banane ke liye Itne chote se bache ke dimaag mein abhi se aisi baatein daal rahe hain log; kya sikhegi woh isse; ki woh safe nahi hai, use ek Bodyguard chahiye hamesha safe hone ke liye. Yaar bachon se kuch bhi bolwa sakte thay; jaise jaise mere mobile mein ek doll ho; Mera Mobile mere homework kar de.” Anything could have been in the content but this. Where are we heading to; I just can’t understand it. Some of you may say that it is the current scenario of our country or Eve-teasing is something that is constantly getting in practice now a day. Ok. I agree with everyone on this part but is it correct to make some kid speak something which is not related to them anywhere on the earth. hmm…. You know what it looks like? It looks like it’s okay to get a kid drunk in order to make a drunkard realize that it is bad to get drunk and his is baby is knowing about it too. So, If you want to make wrong things correct then there are so many ways of it. But not this, using a bunch of innocent, cute kid for it. Then, some of you might think What rubbish I am talking about. Take an Ad Promo as an Ad Promo, don’t think so much. But for me, This Ad is rubbish, something which can only put a negative impact on a child’s mind. Personally, Mujhe bilkul Pasand nahi aaya ye Ad. That is a complete shit for me.

Now The Main Point is that I have written a post about it on my FB timeline the very next day of India Vs Pakistan CT Match but nobody gave a fuck about what i said except a few and then here comes an Ex-cricketer with the same issue and everyone is going gaga over it….My point is not about why i did not get into the lime-light or something neither i am saying he did something wrong and i appreciate his steps as it was a required one but What my point is why do we always need a famous or public face for raising some issues….. common guys grow up,,,, this is social networking website and it is equally for us as well,,,, we are also human,,, we can also feel it ; we can also raise our voice against wrong,,,,,, i was about to write the post on 4th of june itself but as the match became boring and i got tired too,,, i posted it on 5th,,,, yet it was a day before Akash chopra’s twit…. Great job Akash,,,, I m with you….. But My question is why it is Akash Chopra and not any other random citizen of the country. Where are they. My Post for you people. Here is the URL for it: https://www.facebook.com/bipul.1911/posts/1071535859646205

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