Why should you organize an event during your studies?

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June 21, 2017


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Most of the university students find it competitive to make themselves stand out among all the other students despite getting  good grades. With that, having soft skills and knowledge about area that is beyond one’s studies, has become more and more important. Skills such as event organising has become one of the crucial skills in managing project and leading people. Have you ever thought of gaining skills in organising event and managing projects during your university year? Here are the 3 reasons why student should participate in event organising.5c4ee96337078620f5af9e1946b56209_employment-skills-icons-core-professional-profile-icon-clipart-transparent-png_1000-1000

You can bring a change:
A student can be a perfect change-maker. It doesn’t always require to participate directly into that change. As an example being an organizer of an event which solely want to bring changes on a specific group of people means that the organizer is the part of change making.  If you are the person who wants to make the change happen, who wants the World to be something different then you have got to do something.

You can challenge your limits:
Maybe you have a fear that you can’t talk confidently to a totally unknown people but what if you are in an event and your responsibility is to interact with strangers. This is how you can challenge your limits. If you arChallengee the person who loves to take challenges and then turn those challenges into action, then being in a team that give you an opportunity to organise event and manage project is a great opportunity for you to develop.

You can gain practical experience:
You have read on your management course that Planning is the first step of management activity and you also read various methods of it. But have you ever seen someone planning practically? If you are a part of an event organizing team, you would get to learn how they plan in real life. Great! This is practical experience. We believe13681-200 that ‘Action speaks louder than your voice’.

I am a Computer Science student currently in 2nd year, and have actively involved myself not only in events, but also in project management, business development, and marketing. It has been really beneficial for me. Because of all these opportunities which I had grasped, I learnt a lot about working in the corporate world. This has enabled me to start my own social venture, GJay Inc.

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