Posted by Saumya Sahni
June 18, 2017

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Silencing the critics is what I’m talking about, the whats app/Facebook messages from their media cells ,supporters and sometimes even by their ministers, filled with hailing of unachieved achievements and propaganda, declaration of dissidents as anti-national and such other despicable tools which do not let the citizens challenge current conceptions or worse, shape or make them believe in certain notions favourable to the government. Well, because that’s what is happening and is quite apparent from the CBI raids on NDTV founder’s residence, which seems rather suspicious, and as Rajdeep Sardesai, consulting editor at India Today, said “when raids are carried on a respectable public figure, on a 9 year old investigation, questions are bound to be raised.” Targeting the media and evoking fear in the fraternity is detrimental to the society and its development.

‘News is anything which the government wants to hide, everything else is a propaganda’, a saying which helped me make sense of the government’s action and i.e. it denying permission to screen three documentaries, and incidentally they happen to be the stories of Rohit Vemula, JNU, and the Kashmir issue, in the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala. Does the government wants to hide something? Well it seems quite probable as the current government is often criticised for these issues and also the fact that among all the films sent for censor exemption only these three were denied permission, in fact the government didn’t even bother to give reasons for its action. It’s nothing but an unacceptable attempt to control people’s perceptions and views and thus, their votes.

Galore of tweets, messages filled with misinformation is yet another way to manipulate & gain support of the people, and if this continues along with the control and censoring of media & press, which by the way is ranked as lowly as 136 out of 180 nations by reporters sans borders due to “Threat from Modi’s nationalism” ,we can safely assume that it would fetch BJP plenty of votes, enough to pull it out of fire. Although I’m not arguing that it will be the sole reason for its victory but it would be enough to put it on course of a marginal victory if not a landslide one.

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