Why There’s A Need For Special Events For People With Disabilities

Posted by Vinayana Khurana in Disability Rights
June 12, 2017

Today, we see a large number of events happening daily for every other social cause. Our Facebook timelines are flooded with new social events each day. One such social cause that I have been working on is regarding the link between disability and equality.

The question I want to raise here is, why do we need this kind of events? I know that there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question, but I will try to answer it, using my own intelligence.

Why do we need this kind of events regarding the issue of disability? As we know, in some parts of our country, disability is still a taboo. Also, when we talk about disability, there is some amount of prejudice that keeps working on the human mind. This prejudice is even present in the minds of the educated classes of society, and sometimes in worse forms. Therefore, in my view, these events are important to spread awareness about persons with disabilities.

This is because sometimes, we become what our community forces us to be. As a girl with a disability, I impart knowledge about my disability, to people around me on a one to one basis but through these events, I can impart that knowledge to a large number of people, so that we could be rid of these prejudices, in the near future.

As you would be knowing, there was a big event at India Gate, named “#Access4All”. This event was meant to spread awareness about the issue of disabilities. It was also largely politicised because of the involvement of ministers from all over the country.

This event could have been a little more sensitive if people really acted upon what they preached. There were people present there from all walks of life. The sad part is that the majority of people didn’t know what this event was really about. This is what I am saying – that it is not only about holding an event for persons with disabilities, but it is the heart that is important.

I think that we need these special events for persons with disabilities because there’s a desperate need for making a community. A community consisting of a harmonious atmosphere, in which each member with a disability has the right to put forward their opinion about the community. With this kind of community, we can ensure that the rights of people are safe. Through this kind of community, we can hold events that will be beneficial to persons with disabilities. These events will help us to broaden our perspective of the difficulties persons with disabilities face.

Therefore, I say that special events are important for persons with disabilities because we get to learn from the views and the experiences of others. These events can hold us together as a community that is working for and with persons with disabilities. This is what I believe and I wish there were more such events in our city as well as our country.