Why We Indians need to take action to Stop Rape Incidents in our Country ..

Posted by Abhishek Kharvi
June 8, 2017

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Woman gang raped in Gurugram in a moving vehicle. Sounds familiar isn’t it? Its a new addition in rape cases in India among many others and this time the victims are a mother who was brutally raped and her baby daughter who died horribly. If that wasn’t enough, after getting raped for hours that mother had to go to same spot where her rapists had thrown out her 9 month old daughter & to pick her up in middle of the road and then go to a hospital. And when she went to Police station to file a complaint, they were so careless that it took them quite some time to even register a complaint.  My blood boils whenever i think of agony she must have gone through by that horrific incident. Sadly this is not the first & certainly not the last of rape & murder incidents that are plaguing our country.

And what are we doing anyway? Infighting among ourselves in name of religions, debating over how India should go to war against our enemy countries, arguing in social sites for silliest things never caring about the fact that whole country is riddled with serious problems like poverty, corruption, lack of infrastructure & of course criminals committing heinous acts like rape and getting away scot free by bribing the people in power. In the end it will be just another unsolved case in long list of rape cases which are discontinued siting lack of proper evidence.

              Frankly I’m quite sick of daily reading news of rapes, murders happening across the country. The India which itself is worshipped as Bharat Mata is witnessing brutality upon its own daughters and yet people are too happy to concentrate on other pointless quarrels. People who take their protests to streets over their right to free speech, food etc here is my question for you. Why can’t you publicly protest over giving proper punishments to accused & bring justice to rape victims who still continue to suffer never getting the justice they deserve. Why calling yourselves intellectuals when you only bother about things which serves your personal interest.

Nirbhaya case showed why our judiciary system needs serious change if we want our mothers & sisters to be safe in our India. Even after death penalty to accused in that case, one got away because he was a minor. Being a minor didn’t stop him from committing that heinous act then why should that stop him from getting proper punishment? Like that so many criminals are escaping punishments by different means & its about time we-the citizens of India should do something about it. These incidents aren’t gonna stop until strict measures are taken against those criminals.

Blaming the govt or yelling about injustice in social sites isn’t gonna stop these crimes. We have to take the matter into public and fight for implementation of death penalty to in case anyone who commits rape. There should be no mercy shown to animals who torture women for fun. Lets force the judiciary system to give death penalty as punishment for rape & murder. Until we don’t do that our mothers & sisters will continue to be unsafe in their own country. So lets change our attitude & fight for justice to the rape victims and to protect women from any such future incidents.

-Abhishek Kharvi

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