Women, Don’t Go Out!

Posted by Hanzala Mojibi
June 21, 2017

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I have a plea to the women of this country. Don’t go out.
Yes. I just meant what I said. Don’t go out.
India is dauntingly fast at reaching the top for the most unsafe country for women. A woman is raped about every 20 minutes here. 4 out of every 5 women are sexually harassed. Eve teasing isn’t even considered a crime, probably. Day in and day out women are being abused and demeaned in this land. And I have a solution to it. Don’t go out.
I don’t say this because I’m sexist. I say this because I’m sorry. I say this because I’m a man who watches in silence as you are raped, harassed, abused, tortured, maimed, trafficked, assaulted, insulted and slain. I’m a man who can’t do anything but hang his head in shame every day after reading the newspaper. I’m a man who stands behind the crowd with a candle in his hand whose flame slowly flickers off. I’m a man who knows that this country needs something more than vigils to bring change. I’m a man who knows that this nation needs a better generation of individuals. And I’m a man who knows that that generation is a long time to come. Being able to do nothing at all, I wonder if I’m a man at all.
Women are capable of every job that they partake while the same can’t be said about men. You are the harbingers of a new era. You are the teachers of new minds. You are the match that this revolution needs. My heart wrenches and my eyes run dry, yet I say this, don’t go out. We don’t deserve the women you are. We don’t deserve the remarkable power you own. We don’t deserve the might that you possess.
This country needs its men to change their thoughts and clear their intentions. Till then, I plea, don’t go out.

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