Posted by Jay Rao
June 16, 2017

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As i peaked into the house with the door being opened silently, I see a mess of clothes, papers and the colorful painted walls were given a final touch with the crayons.

As i finally find a way to the couch through the laying down crayons, pencils, water and the shattered pillows i sit back and relax with my legs streched on the centre table.

As i close my eyes slowly and in no time i hear a scream from the master bed room. In the process of rushing to the room i get stumbled by the crayons and pillows.

And as i open the door as fast as i can i see ballons on the ceiling hanging down. With the belguim cake on the bed. And the screams of “Happy birthady” from my son and my husband.

As my 5 year old son hugged me, I see my husband standing beside with a envelope. Before I questioned what was the envelope about, he handed it over to me with a gentle smile.

As I took it into my hands I see
” love you my lady
Yeah its 6 years by now that we got married, but i never have planned a suprise for your birthday nor our wedding anniversary. Then why today, because I have understood the struggle you go through in helping me financially and being the best tutor for our son during studies, best chef in the kitchen, best daughter-in-law for my parents, best daughter for your parents, best employee at the office. You were being best but little did i notice your efforts I’m sure you would have cherished long back.

The rush every morning to get our son ready for his school, meanwhile before I scream, you stand behind me ready with my tie, wallet and my keys. But i never knew or really bothered what do you really want when you have to get ready for office.

You mange home and office without any hesitation though it is very difficult for you because you are the WONDER WOMEN not just to your son but even to me.”

As I got to the end of the love filled letter and struggle recongized letter I realize a tear pecking my cheek with loads of happiness in it.


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