Best Of May: Top Stories And Users You Shouldn’t Miss On YKA

Every month, thousands of users log in to Youth Ki Awaaz to share their stories, opinions and perspectives on the platform. With each user comes a new perspective, and stories that drive impact. This month, 10 such users and their stories stood out for us and the YKA community. These stories add a unique perspective to everyday issues and the way we read them. Check them out below and follow your favourite authors to keep up with their posts on YKA:

1. Zainab Ahmed Shares Little Discussed Aspects Of Being A Muslim

Zainab’s powerful stories on the Hashimpura Massacre, being a Muslim in India, and how Muslim women cope with menstruation during Ramadan have provided an important perspective on issues that are hardly part of the mainstream narrative.

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Dear Muslim Sisters, Stop Pretending That You Don’t Bleed During Ramadan

This story is a part of Youth Ki Awaaz’s campaign #IAmNotDown to spread awareness on menstrual hygiene and start a conversation on how sanitary pads can be made more affordable. If you have an opinion on how we can improve access to menstrual hygiene products, write to us here.

2. Rana Ashish Singh Brings A New Wave Of Art Stories

With his interviews of numerous Indian artists and their take on cultivating local art, Ashish has brought a new perspective and extensive coverage on art to Youth Ki Awaaz. He has covered the Drifting Canvas exhibition and has spoken to noted names in Indian art about the future of their profession and how passion and business can merge. Check out some of his interviews.

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Noted Artist Prasanta Kalita Explains Why Art In India Isn’t Flourishing

Prasanta Kalita is a renowned Indian artist. His works were on display at the ” Desi Canvas “, part of “The Drifting Canvas”. On a telephonic conversation, he talked about the complex nature of the economics of art in India: Prasanta Kalita: First of all, I would like to make it clear that art is not an industry, it is a creative space.

3. Bijaya Biswal Talks About The Taboo Of Women’s Sexuality

With her story ‘The Great Indian Horny Woman’, Bijaya has spoken out about the much taboo topic of women’s sexual needs. She writes about how women in India are forced to repress their sexual urges and often have to pretend that they don’t have any. The story was very well received by readers and started off an important debate on sex and sexuality for women in India.

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The Sexually Liberated Woman Indian Society Is Scared Of

At first sight, it might look as if a woman in India is living her wet dreams. It’s a country where the humungous number of men do not have enough women for themselves. Many lead a life of eternal drought with their fantasies never raining on them.

4. Bushra On How Access To Menstrual Hygiene Is Still A Dream For Many Women

A new member of our Hindi community, Bushra’s compelling story around women’s rights and how ridiculous notions of ‘honour’ are used to police them brought a fresh viewpoint to the conversation. Another story this month talked about how access to menstrual hygiene is still not a reality for many Indian women.

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12% महिलाएं ही करती हैं पीरियड्स में पैड्स का इस्तेमाल

पीरियड्स, माहवारी, महीना ये सारे शब्द महिलाओं के जीवन से जुड़े हैं, परन्तु सार्वजनिक रूप से इनके प्रयोग को आज भी ओछापन माना जाता है। कुछ हद तक ही सही लेकिन बदलाव की पहल हो चुकी है। मुझे याद है बचपन में परिवार के साथ टीवी देखते हुए अचानक से सैनेटरी नैपकिन का ऐड आता था तो मैं हमेशा ये समझना चाहती थी की यह होता क्या है?

5. Tanmoy Bhaduri, Whose Photos Reveal The Lives Of Children On The Streets Of Kolkata

A regular contributor at YKA, Tanmoy has published very hard-hitting photo stories. With his latest collection of photos, Tanmoy gave us a peek into the lives of children living on the streets of Kolkata and the struggles of their daily lives.

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11 Hard-Hitting Photos That’ll Bust Your Myth About Living In The City Of Joy

I have worked across many parts of the country as a photographer, sometimes with NGOs and sometimes for my own projects. And I’ve photographed many children across the country. But I have always avoided clicking street children. It is very easy to click children on the streets and post it on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Sunil Kumar Brings Hard-Hitting On-Ground Reports

Sunil’s reports on violence against tribals in Bastar by security forces and destruction of houses near Delhi’s Nizamuddin Dargah have been powerful on-ground reports about human rights violation. He has brought stories about lakhs of Indians who are often marginalised in the mainstream narrative.

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ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट: सुरक्षाबलों के जुल्म से सहमे बस्तर के आदिवासी

अपडेट- इस रिपोर्ट का मूल टाइटल “बस्तर में आदिवासी महिलाओं के स्तन को निचोड़ा गया, अंडरगार्मेंट जला दिए गए” बदलकर “ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट: सुरक्षाबलों के जुल्म से सहमे बस्तर के आदिवासी” कर दिया गया है। आदिवासी जनता देशी-विदेशी पूंजीपतियों के रहमो करम पर जिंदा नहीं रहना चाहती है इसके लिये वह

7. Tasneef Haidar’s Heartfelt Reflections On Today’s Society

Titled ‘कहते हैं ये मुल्क कभी मुहब्बत भी करता था’, Tasneef brings out the heartbreaking reality of the people we have become. A society that turns its back on violence but is ready to crush out any expression of love. His reflections become even more important in the present scenario where intolerance towards anything that is different from personal choices is on the rise.

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कहते हैं ये मुल्क कभी मुहब्बत भी करता था

मैं सोचता हूं कि पिछले कई बरसों से हमने मोहब्बत करनी छोड़ी हुई है और शायद इसका कोई हिसाब नहीं। सोसाइटी तो खैर मोहब्बत को एक गैर ज़रूरी चीज़ समझती ही है, लेकिन हम देखते हैं कि हमारी नई कहानियां, ड्रामे, फिल्में सब की जेबें मोहब्बत के सिक्कों से खाली

8. Nikita Gupta Provides Expert Insights On Child Sexual Abuse

A psychologist by training who specialises in prevention of child sexual abuse, Nikita’s posts talk about aspects of abuse that most of us often overlook. With two posts this month, Nikita explains how teaching your child about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ isn’t the right way to explain abuse to them since it can take place without actual physical contact.

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Beyond Touch: What If An Abuser Doesn’t Touch The Child At All?

I meet many proactive parents who have already spoken with their children regarding ‘safe touch’ and ‘unsafe touch’. That’s a great first step! Now, the question is, what will a child do if the abuse doesn’t involve any touch?

9. Tamoghna Ghosh Explains How Women Are Specially Targeted On Social Media

Tamoghna has frequently published posts on YKA in the past year. Her story sharing her experience of studying and coping with depression at a Kota coaching center was one of our most well-received stories last year. This month, Tamoghna returned with a sharp post on how online trolls turn to misogyny to debate anything under the Sun.

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The Reality Of War Against Women On Social Media

There are many online publishing portals and news channels today which publish stories of women. Incidents where they were harassed or molested, or even stories reflecting women’s courage and how they stood up to society. I, honestly, am not much into reading serious articles. I mostly scroll through Facebook or Instagram to laugh at memes.

10. Azra Qaisar Reminisces Of How A Hostel Room Changed Her Life

In a very touching post, our Campus Watch editor brought alive days of living at the hostel in Lady Shri Ram College and how that room she lived in for one year became such an important part of her life. The post is very relatable for anyone who has ever stayed away from home.

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To The Girl Who Will Live In My Hostel Room After Me

To the girl who’d inhabit my room after me Hello, there! You don’t know me and neither do I know you, but there is something that we will share in the near future. Something that holds a special significance in my life at LSR and will do the same for you, even before you know it.

It brings us so much joy to see the YKA user community grow every day. Here’s looking forward to an exciting June, publish on Youth Ki Awaaz now!