Young Adult Syndrome

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June 15, 2017

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What I’m going to talk you about on this internet kagaj(web page, hehe) is something that I call Young Adult Syndrome.

It’s basically the “I’m young, so I can make a difference and conquer the world” phase that we all go through in university and early in our careers. But guess what, hum logon ko acche kaam toh karne hote hai, par hum bahut “busy” hai.

I thought that I need to say this, so I will because I can 🙂


(oh wow Pranav, tune already moral lecture shuru kardiya).

I feel that this attitude is an internal drive that is important for us to succeed. It even leads to good mental health, which is also very very important. It helps us to be happy by feeling good about ourselves.

In my two years of university experience, nearly every other student feels rather unsatisfied with his/her productivity, myself very included. All the people that I’ve talked to have said that their unproductive habits and routines don’t allow them to act upon a lot of things that are important to them. These college students say that they want to indulge in hobbies such as social work, sports, music, dance, IT, politics, designing, etc. Most college students want to actively involve themselves in their college campuses and make a difference! (young adult syndrome, ya feel me)

To feel good about myself, I’ve been trying to be a little more productive doing things that I want to do. I honestly feel better than I used to on a daily basis.

Indulge in the sports, cultural and academic activities that you want to by looking out for opportunities. By doing so, our university experience will shape us into the well rounded individuals we want to be in our future careers. We’ll end up looking back at everything we achieved with a huge smile somewhere down the line!

As for what we couldn’t achieve, we have so much more to look forward to in the following years.

Coming back to the point, I also want to talk about our friends in university. Our friend circle in university is so important since most of us are away from home. We wouldn’t survive without those important friends and special someones 😉

However, yeh group waala attitude humesha kaam nahi karta, we all know that by now. That’s because one lazy person is what it takes to suck out every one else’s soul for the day(amirite).

I’d say that encourage and really push your friends to do something interesting apart from their monotonous university schedules. This would probably drive your group closer and make you have unconventional fun. That’s ‘cause partying isn’t everything for us university kids(yes I actually said it)!

What I basically want to say is that go out there and do what you want to do, because it’ll make you so much happier in the long run. This could be taxing initially, but it’s so worth it, ask anyone(random assumption that I’m going to make, bite me)!

For me personally, social work, music, sports, business and technology is what goes on in my head, among the other millions of random things, obviously.

So, a month ago, my friend and I discussed potential startup ideas and I also talked to my friends about running a social campaign on campus. These haven’t gotten to the happening stage and that sucks, but the fact that I brought these things up made me feel GOOD about myself. It was a mental relief too, cause I keep beating myself up over these little things. #OverthinkingFTW

This reiterates the importance of the ‘I feel good about myself’  factor that I initially talked about. Chase your own feel-good factors!

It’s about time all of us make our useful thoughts a reality.  It’s about time we find our drives, and follow our Young Adult Syndromes to be the best we can!!

Before I finish, I really wanted to say that writing this post is such a breather for me personally, because this is the kind of stuff I always think about but do absolutely nothing about.

-pats self on the back-

OKAY, I’ve said a lot and I’m finally going to shutup to end this post.

-cue cheer from whoever is reading this-

Thanks for your time! 😀

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