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Your Glucose biscuit packs will become lighter from July

Posted by Abdullah Ghazali
June 8, 2017

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Goods and services tax(GST) is all set to roll out from July 1 and GST Council is preparing different slabs for different commodities.The prices of some goods and services will rise and some will fall.Most of food items have been exempted from GST viz. Milk,bread, packaged paneer et al but on the other biscuit pricing less than 100 Rupees/kg has been brought under GST which were earlier exempted from taxes.When we say Glucose biscuit,which name strikes you first?Parle – G,Tiger – G or any other G?I will take parle – G for instance here.

Parle-G,where G stands for goodness in every bite,is among the cheapest and easily available Glucose biscuits in India.You may love that biscuits for the goodness of it’s taste,I love that because of cute little girl on wrapper but the poor love it for other materially important reasons.

Firstly they are economically feasible and easily accessible

Furthermore they are comprehensive source of nutrition.

Women in the rural areas use it to feed their babies and is widely considered as substitute to cerelac,Chocos and corn flakes.

In India millions of children are malnourished and hundreds die out of malnutrition in such case this move may further aggravate the plight.

Since these ranges of commodity are price sensitive hence we don’t expect price rise per package​ but there are two things which we can predict

Either the number of biscuits per package will recede

Or the size per biscuit will dwindle.


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