गलत अोर बहुत गलत मे से चुनना हो तो अाप कया चुनेंगे ?

Posted by Deeksha Raina
July 19, 2017

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Devki delivers this powerful and thought provoking line as the ultimate reasoning behind her acts in MOM.
There’s nothing new in the sub plot of MOM. The clichéd story of a gang rape of an 18 year old girl which due to lack of concrete circumstantial and direct evidence leads to the accused getting acquitted with respect by the court in 37 days. (Sounds, kind of Reel life similar to real life, eh?)
However there’s a twist. A paradigm shift.
After being denied justice, the mother of the victim takes matters in her own hands and makes her own laws, per say. She ensures and assures that the accused suffer thoroughly. In this agonizing journey we find a detective DK helping her gather all the necessary information which thereby lays the foundation for her actions.
Towards the end of the movie we are caught off-gaurd as the protectors of law themselves let the power of law to the mother.
As I watched each scene enfold, I was continuously wondering about the question Devki asks : If you have to choose between wrong and very wrong, what will you choose?
What would I have done, had I been in Devki’s shoes? More importantly, What would we have done had we been in DK’s place? Every alternate day, the newspaper space is occupied by at least 1 rape incident. Every other day, the nation wants to know when will the accused of the horrific May 29 gang rape be put behind bars? Everyone from the police to the lawyers to the media camp outside the victim’s residence, either to take statements or to spread awareness.
We, the audience sit back, watch in horror, curse the accused, warn our women and ? Move On.
What if we had people like DK? What if, any one of us, reached out to the victims of rape, harassment or molestation? Majority of us belong to the VERY WRONG category. Where we do not do anything. We sit back, sympathise and move ahead. It is, as if we have gotten into a habit of hearing or reading about these incidents. What’s worse is that we accept the situation as it is. ‘Let law take its own course’ is becoming our favourite maxim. Even if it takes 5 years to get to the verdict( Refer: Nirbhaya Gang Rape Incident). But sometimes, justice delayed is just not an acceptable option. Maybe, we do need to take law in our own hands someday. Maybe, if each of us even tries to become like DK, (who was, BTW a common man), maybe then, justice will prevail sooner than later. Just Being Aware is not enough. We need to Act Aware as well. Yesterday it was a mother. Today it’s a daughter. What form of a women will it be tomorrow? Isn’t it time that WE decide whether we want these barbaric incidents to continue to be the Headlines of our lives or not?
Its not a choice between right and wrong, its a fight between wrong and atrocious. And sometimes the wrong path is the right one, after all.

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