5 question you must ask before leaving your pet at a dog hostel

Posted by Megha Saini
July 21, 2017

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It’s a busy day at work and your assistant just told you that your boss wants to see you immediately.  With a million thoughts in your head, you head towards his cabin. You enter wondering what on earth could this be about. And then he says what you least expected. He tells you that you have to go out of town for a few days for a project that you have been working so hard on. He emphasises on how important it is for you to go and meet the out of town clients and get them to sign the contract. But the first thought that pops into your head is your dog baby who is eagerly waiting for you at home. You think about his cute nose and the way he is so happy every time you come home from work. You slowly walk back to your desk wondering if you could find someone to take care of your dog while you’re gone.


Your options consist of your mom who lives just across the town but hates dogs. Your dog walker could be an option but how would your dog stay alone at home all day and night. Your friends have things going on so are unable to take him in. You reach home and receive the welcome that you’ve been waiting for all day. But he can sense that something is wrong. You look into his eyes and remember the promise that you made of always taking good care of him and protecting him from any harm. For a true dog lover, this is a situation that they always dread. But what do you do when such a circumstance does occur?


Here’s a good solution for you, find your dog a kennel or a boarding facility that would take care of him the way you do. But before you do that, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.


  1. Does the dog hostel have good facilities?

While searching for the right dog hostel you need to make sure that it has most if not all the facilities that your dog would need to feel at home there. Especially the sleeping facilities, and place and toys for your dog to play. It should also be equipped with room for your dog to have some personal space.


  1. Does the dog hostel have good online reviews?

In the age of technology, the internet proves to be a great tool to easily find reviews or testimonials for the dog hostel. Do a thorough research about the hostel and if possible get in touch the people who have previously used their services. This would also give you a good idea about the people who you wish to entrust with the safety of your dog.


  1. Are the people running the hostel professional enough to do so?

It is extremely important that the people running the hostel are professionals. They should be aware of the behavioural patterns and the needs of every breed that they house. It is particularly important for them to be aware of the dietary habits of different breeds.


  1. Is the dog hostel clean and hygienic?

The hostel should be clean and hygienic as this is a place where your dog would come in contact with other pets and is hence more prone to catching infections. Pay special attention to the place that is allocated for the dogs to defecate. Check with the owners about their process of keeping the defecation area clean. There are dog hostels out there who pay less attention to such concerns which is truly sad.


  1. How do the dog hostel owners deal with psychological issues of a dog?

Many a times dogs feel abandoned when their owners leave them at dog hostels and end up suffering with issues related to abandonment. Clinically speaking dogs cannot suffer from depressions like humans but they can get lethargic and disoriented when they are left alone without a companion or their owner. It can also be caused by a sudden change in their environment and routine. The people at the dog hostel should be aware of how to deal with such issues as depression amongst dogs could be fatal.

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