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5 Ways for Students to use LinkedIn as a Networking tool

Posted by Mary Jones
July 17, 2017

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When we say students, we mean all from school, college as well as universities undergoing a course and on the brim of starting a professional career. This juncture turns to be a very important point in every student’s life where creating a personal brand image and presenting oneself in the market is very crucial.


So why waiting, go ahead and start your professional journey with LinkedIn. This blog takes you a step ahead by presenting 5 useful ways you can use LinkedIn as a student and gets you prepared.

  • Connecting with Professionals:

At the position where a student stands, many misconceptions may exist in their minds with regard to their chosen profession. It is important to get things clarified and get a clear understanding of what they choose for themselves is right. And their understanding of the profession is correct. As what we read in books or know about professions theoretically is not always the practical picture. LinkedIn provides you with an opportunity to connect with professionals from your desired field and industry and converse with them and learn and understand from them the real business.

Also, the platform gives ample opportunity for networking which is a key milestone to learn about openings from your field and choice of company.

Not only does LinkedIn open up the platform to connect with professionals but also your friends. This helps you grow your network and friends of friends can also see you in their network. Richer your connections, the more opportunities you are expected to land up with.

  • Research here about the company:


LinkedIn gives you to learn more about your preferred organizations you desire to work with. Also, updated articles and Blogs by bloggers and critics are made available to you where you get to know the details which are not expected to be available on other websites. Also, take an opportunity to read through experiences shared by professionals from different companies.Students can also use a lot of open source tools to equip themselves with the required skills that they would require in a job.

The researched blogs updated often present facts like the best workplaces, the highest paid employees. Such blogs are of ample importance for students, who are usually deprived of firsthand information when applying for jobs from company websites. Often just going with the name of big companies as we hear as students don’t turn out to be the best of workplaces, as expected by us. LinkedIn can be your researcher for it.Get ready for a job while doing a part time job in college.

  • Make yourself Visible to the Companies:

LinkedIn makes you available with the platform where companies can view your complete profile. Also, the new function of LinkedIn provides you an opportunity to make your profile visible to companies that are in search of candidates with your background and specifications.

One needs to learn how to make your profile visible to suitable companies.

  1. Keep oneself updated with the job alerts:


Receiving email alerts for the job is a very special feature from LinkedIn. But one needs to be careful with the setting errors which most student makes which keep them deprived of getting email alerts. The feature posts you updates of vacancies from reputed companies based on matching criteria’s of your preference and resume updated in LinkedIn.

  1. Get your recommendations:


What better can be a way to present yourself in the area you are good to the prospective companies you desire to apply for. Recommendations, as a feature helps others to speak on your behalf and companies can believe on those as they come from varied different network connections. You may also request for recommendations over LinkedIn, which also works as reference, which is a prominent requirement in most companies before hiring a candidate.

Learn all you need to know about managing your recommendations on LinkedIn.

With the unique ways, specific to manage a LinkedIn profile by a student, one can prominently brand oneself as an eligible candidate for jobs specific to the candidate’s choice.The candidates should also train themselves by learning skills like writing a  business report. Also, the growing virtual business world can be accessed by a student, which-so-ever place or college he belongs to. LinkedIn acts as a virtual mentor for a student and hence should be the first step for every student. Be active on LinkedIn and follow and appreciate your mentors.


Start your career with LinkedIn today. The world and its avenues are waiting for you!!

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